Maliko Shuttle Gets Sponsors

Maliko Shuttle Gets Sponsors, New Owner

Some changes are in store for the indispensable shuttle service that ferries SUP, OC and surfski paddlers to the Maliko Gulch on Maui, making logistics for the 10 mile downwinding run easier.  The service has a new owner, and sponsors!


Here’s the release from the Stand Up Paddle Industry Association:



Pukalani, Hawaii – – Moore Watertime, the Maui downwind shuttle has been part of the Maui downwind scene since Kelley Moore dropped of her first group of stoked paddlers at Maliko Gulch in 2010. Thousands of downwind runs later, Jaecey Suda has assumed ownership of the service and brings a new energy and commitment to expand the shuttle’s impact with the announcement of new sponsors Jimmy Lewis and S.I.C. boards.

“Moore Watertime is like having high-speed quad chairlift in your favorite downhill ski area,” says S.I.C. founder Mark Raaphorst. “You get to hang with friends before stocking up on your personal adrenaline rush. We are all ‘Bound by Water’ and we at SIC Maui support Moore Watertime.”

“The commitment and cooperation shown by S.I.C. and Jimmy Lewis is really emblematic of the growth of downwind paddling all over the world and the new partnerships are indicative of the paddler unity forged on the North Shore of Maui” says owner Jaecey Suda. “The downwind shuttle brings paddlers together, cuts down on carbon footprint, and provides critical infrastructure for this growing sport.”

Suda moved to Maui from Pacific Beacn.CA.2 years ago to hone her skills in the wind and waves and plans to leverage the energy and resources from her new sponsors to expand the visibility of the shuttle, bringing new routes and services to the growing number of local and visiting paddler’s alike.

Moore Watertime takes the hassle out of coast runs…we drive you paddle! Maui’s only downwind shuttle service for paddlers. SUP, OC, Surfski, kayak, foils, whatevahs! Our 11 passenger van and custom trailer will shuttle you in style to your paddle destination.


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jaecey Suda at (808) 868-1114 or email at [email protected]


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