Monster and Sea's 24

Monster and Sea’s 24

All of us, at some time or another in our lives will be touched by cancer, if we haven’t already. Maybe it will be a family member, a friend, or us. It might be easily treated because it was detected early, or it might be catastrophic. And our families, or our loved one’s families will need help.

And that’s where Monster and Sea comes in.  The brand donates a portion of its profits to help families dealing with the devastation that is cancer, born out of its founder’s own experiences.  In a time of extreme difficulty and pain, Troy Nebeker found a way to do what he loves to help others.

And he is passing it on, even farther.

Three years ago, inspired by a 24 hour paddle effort by Rob Rojas, Monster and Sea founder Troy Nebeker conceived of the 24 paddle.  In 2015, it was just one team, in Seattle.  In a month’s time, the team exceeded its initial fundraising goal and placed the donations in special envelopes which were given directly to local families struggling with their own fights against cancer.

Video from the 2016 24

Since 2015, here’s what’s happened, as detailed in Troy’s Monster and Sea blog:

The 24.

A very single minded grassroots goal: Do what you love to inspire your community to help families dealing with cancer. To prove the idea the 24 was born. A relay team of 6 paddlers, out on the water for 24 hours, surrounded by their community cheering them on.
Results so far – 
Year one: $7,000.00 which meant 7 families each received envelopes with $1,000.00 and an note saying: There is a community of people who love you and are fighting for you.
What started as a crazy idea has turned into an organic movement, with friends offering to spread the word and create their own event in the places they call home.
Year two: 7 teams in 7 cities across the U.S and Canada all paddling for their community. In total we raised $48,000.00 which equals a lot of envelopes and cards.
Which brings us to year three. 14 teams / cities and growing. Paddlers of all kinds. SUP, OC, Prone.
This simple idea is very special and as one person it is difficult to make a difference – but as a community – that is where it gets fun and where we truly make an impact. Starting Monster and Sea has been a wonderful journey. And the community has grown organically around our tag #gobecauseyoucan. Paddlers, runners, skiers, snowboarders, skaters, travelers – 23,000+ of you who understand how fragile life is. And how important it is to pursue life to the fullest and give back to those who can’t.


And this year, that one team has grown to 22 teams in 22 locales across the country and including teams Canada and the Cayman Islands.

The teams will paddle on April 15th, relay style.

“The 24 is in its third year and the simple idea of doing what we love to help others is proving that as a community – we can do extraordinary things. I am honored to be part of it,” said Nebeker of this year’s event.

Where The Teams Are

Here’s a list of the locations, linked to Facebook posts so you can see who’s paddling. You might just see some familiar faces.  The posts include links to each teams GoFundMe page where you can donate.


South Florida







Frenchman’s Bay

Hood River


Morro Bay

Wrightsville Beach

Wrightsville Beach (it’s a large home town team!)


New York

Nicola Valley


Port Dover


Rock Away

Santa Cruz

San Francisco


Just a sample of some of the teams…

Go because you can.



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