Harrison's Aloha Summer Paddle Training in Hawaii

Harrison’s Aloha Summer Paddle Training in Hawaii

Aloha all! I have been in Hawai’i for the past week and have begun my summer-long stay in the Islands.

I have been training with the juniors of Ka Lahui Kai, a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that trains junior athletes on V1 rudderless canoes, kayak surfskis, prone paddleboards, one man canoes, two man canoes, and six man ultralight canoes. The program focuses on water safety training for young local athletes and promotes the storied traditions of Hawaii Watermen.

One of Two 6-man crews that competed in last year’s Molokai Hoe

I trained with the program last summer and ended up doing 6-man long-distance and sprint races, Molokai crossings, (so so so so many) downwind runs, and single craft races. In addition to all of this, I had the opportunity to train under/with guys like Travis Grant, Johnny Puakea, Jimmy Austin, Tahitian Coach Gerard Teiva, and Kaihe Chong. The opportunities that I have been given have been immense and one of a kind.

On my few “lei days”, I hope to write and share my experiences, paddle moments, and stories with you all.

Stay tuned,


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