Self-inflating and self-propelling paddleboards

Want an inflatable that can go from bag to bay in just five minutes? Want someone or rather something to “paddle” it for you, too?

Then look no farther than Sipa Boards. Apparently the company has launched what appears to be two successful Kickstarter campaigns for its line of inflatables that feature an integrated pump that does all the work for you – from blowing it up to providing a motorized “assist.” The prices range anywhere from just under $500 to what you would expect to pay for a decent race board.

There is even an app that goes with your “smart sup” that will tell you the air pressure of your board, tracks your paddle session and provides some sort of anti-theft, “find my board” function.

Does any one think this belongs in a Brookstone catalogue? Or that Sky Mall magazine you find in the seat back pocket on the airplane?

According to the company’s website, their primary mission is to get people out on the water, er, “paddling” as quickly as possible. With apparently as little work as possible too.

If you want to order one, you might be outta luck.  Seems like some of the more popular models, like the fishing board, are sold out for this year.

Hmm…well…we suppose it was only just a matter of time.

But….can it foil?



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