Paddle Monster 100 Paddle Challenge 2017 3
Congratulations everyone!  
We’ve completed another 100 days which means you can now assess the degree to which you’ve met the personal challenges you’ve set.  Whether you’ve attained all your goals or not, the day to day effort we’ve seen in the inspiring and motivating posts you’ve shared has been outstanding.  You are all fitter and, if you’ve made the effort to extend yourself in conditions that you find challenging, you are also more skilled than you were 100 days ago. Lastly you’ve helped encourage others to enjoy the what we all love so much – being on the water – as our group has grown to well over 1600 members with more joining every day.
Our final 100 day challenge for 2017 will begin September 1st and run through until December 9th.  

What is the theme for this challenge?


Set a lofty distance goal that is personal to you and chase after it.  As you close in on that goal you’ll find the weather will be closing in on you, making reach day more challenging than the last and each stroke more difficult than the one before it.  At the very least it will get you in the spirit for the first 100 Day Challenge of 2018 which will start on January 1st.
As the days get colder and the mileage difficult to get, remind yourself that quality time spent doing any activity is what builds mastery, so whether you’re training for racing or just paddling for exercise and because you enjoy it, you’ll be making yourself better which opens the door to even more exciting and enjoyable experiences with a paddle in your hand in the days, months and years ahead.
Keep the posts coming.
For those of you who would like to join the challenge, go to the Facebook group page and request entry. The challenge includes anything you can paddle: SUP, OC, Surfski, Kayak.
We only accept people who paddle, so if you have a dry timeline with no paddling on there, you have time to build up some paddle experience by the first challenge of 2018.
John and Larry