Surf to Sound Paddle Clinics

The Wrightsville Beach Paddle Club’s 2017 Surf to Sound runs  Friday, November 3 to Sunday, November 5, 2017 at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort in Wrightsville Beach, NC.  Here’s a list of the clinics being offered at this year’s event.

Paddle Monster 5 Fundamentals of Technique

Paddle Monster Advanced Paddle Technique Clinic featuring an intensive 3-hour session on mastering the five fundamentals of effective technique used by the world’s top racers. Using land drills, water drills and exercises paddlers will learn how to adapt these fundamentals to best fit their own strengths and weaknesses, body size and type etc, just like the pros do. Paddlers should get a better understanding of what they should be trying to achieve in terms of technique when they are paddling and will leave with specific drills and “next steps” to improve their ability to execute these fundamentals at race intensity.

Date: Thursday November 2, 1pm to 4pm

Friday November 3, 9 am to 12noon

Cost: $150

Limit: 12 paddlers

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SUP in the Surfzone Clinic

“Crash” Course with Surf To Sound and Carolina Cup Champion April Zilg​! SUP Racing in the Surf Zone requires many skills. First of all, a working knowledge of surf zone safety is key to having a fun and productive time in the waves. Secondly, positioning yourself on the board to punch out through the surf quickly and effectively is essential. Lastly, different paddle strokes make a world of difference while punching out! This clinic will develop comfort in starting from the beach, key strokes, and comfort and mobility on the board (i.e. not being glued to one spot). This will be quick and only last an hour! Then its up to you to practice.
Date: Friday November 3, 10am – 11am
Limit 15 paddlers

SUP Racing technique clinic

This two-hour Stand Up Paddle clinic will take one hour to cover proper technique, and the biomechanics of paddling and then one hour (time permitting based on questions from participants and the needs of the group) to video and analyze each paddler’s stroke. Paddlers can expect to learn proper body position and which muscle groups to engage for each phase of the paddle stroke, which helps avoid injury and increase efficiency.

Date: Friday November 3, 4pm – 6pm

Cost: $100


Photo: Laura Glantz Design & Photo​

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