2017 Paddlers’ Gift Guide-Part I

From some perennial favorites to some new must haves….we’ve got you covered if you’re stumped about what to give your favorite paddler or if you’re rounding out your own wish list! This is just the first part of a multi-part series on holiday gift ideas so stay for more!

New For 2017

Suptig LED Lights

The name might be pure coincidence, but these powerful, handy, GoPro mount-compatible lights are super for night paddles. They are designed as auxiliary lighting for POV cameras and as such, they are bright and waterproof down to 147 feet.  They are meant to be used as dive lights for GoPros but work fine for above water activities too.   They run off the same battery as the GoPro Hero 3, so if you upgraded but still have spare Hero 3 batteries around, you can repurpose them. These lights also have mounts on both the bottom and top, so you can stack several together for even more candlepower if 300 lumens in just one isn’t enough.  Pair it with a gooseneck camera mount to throw the light over the deck of your board or boat and you’ve got a great night paddle system. Best part: they start at $21.95!

Mocke Canoe/Surfski Lifeline Craft Leash

This is our favorite leash for the ski or OC. You can read our full review of it here.

We love the ease of use and the simple quick release mechanism that doesn’t get in the way whilst you are paddling. Remember, even the long boats need leashes- they can get away from you just as fast as boards can.  About $50.00

Paddle Monster Subscription 

If I did not truly KNOW – first hand – that this training system works, it would not be on this list. And while it is true that I am connected to the PM team, I’m making this recommendation on my own, independently. I would not have made it through this year’s grueling Chattajack without the support, guidance, encouragement and access to the PM coaches. If you want to race or simply improve your paddling skills and fitness, this is a great way to do it. You’ll get weekly training plans written by the best Sup, canoe and OC paddlers in the world, who will constantly communicate with you and tailor those plans to meet your individual needs. Plus you get a strength coach, too. Accessible from a desktop or mobile device via a dedicated app, the plans are easy to use and follow and you can export each workout to your digital calendar. There’s a social aspect to the app which helps give you accountability and support from your fellow Paddle Monsters too. This would be a great gift for anyone who wants to improve.

Rinse Kit or Helios Shower

Hoses are not always available when you need them, but these two devices can provide pressurized water whenever you need it. Great if you just want to hose off your gear, or the dog, or yourself, or get warm. The Rinse Kit has more capacity but the Nemo Helios is lighter and takes up less space.  Either is great to have in the back of your paddle rig, or to take camping, or for any other activity where a strong stream of water is necessary. Prices range from $80 to $140. With the Rinse Kit, be sure to get the faucet adapter so you can fill it with hot water from your kitchen tap.

Virus and Vaikobi Paddle Tops

Nothing beats these guys when it comes to managing hot or cold temps. For shoulder support, we love the Virus Stay Warm X Compression top. For soft and snuggly, especially under a drysuit or wetsuit, we are totally enamoured with the fleecy feel of the Vaikobi VCold Storm paddle top.  Both make it a little more palitable to get out and onto the water on those chilly winter days. Prices range between $61 to $135.

Surf-Fur Changing Parka

I often tell folks who ask the worst part about winter paddling is getting off of the water, when you are sweaty and you are suddenly exposed to the elements but you aren’t working cardiovascularly.  The Surf-Fur Water Parka mitigates that and gives you away to do a deck change quickly when the bathrooms are closed for the season. Warm, water resistant and functional, you just might want to wear it all the time.

Balance Boards

A balance board is an essential training tool no matter what time of year it is.  The Indo Board offers a great range of versatility when it comes to multiple training exercises, while the new, inflatable Kumo Board offers a modicum of portability. If you are working on surf stance and cross-stepping, the Goof Board with its rail to rail orientation is helpful, as is the Indo yoga board.  Prices are from $130 to $300.


Garmin Mount

For The Garmin user in your life who paddles OC, this mount allows you to place the device securely on an iako for a head’s up display.  Inexpensive and handy, plus it can be used for cross training activities like cycling. $14.95

Corr Dry Bag

A good, heavy duty dry portage bag is a great idea for any paddler in your life. It can camp, act as a surf kit bag, or accompany you to the gym. Corr makes a good one, Starting at and they won’t break the bank, either.

Stocking Stuffers

Paddlers will always appreciate things like sunscreen, lip and hand balm, favorite engergy gels and performance foods, and extra dry bags. Extra leash strings, an FCS fin key, extra fin screws all make great stocking stuffers.  Consider some custom decals if your paddler’s board or boat has a name, or if he or she has a pet mantra or saying. More specifics on some of these ideas will be coming in the next part of our series.

Hope this helps! And if it doesn’t, remember this is just the first in a series of gear ideas.