Endless Reach

Our site gets 1000 unique visitors per day from all over the US. And we want your used gear to be front and center. We’ll hook you up. People will see your gear. You will sell gear. It’s that easy.

There’s a catch, until we have the upgrades, please tell us when things sell so we can take them down. And please respond to inquiries. It only works when everyone is responsive. The more responsive you are, the better the classifieds are as a whole and the more likely you’ll be to sell your stuff.

Your support will help us upgrade the Classifieds to add more search and management functions. All of this lowers the barrier of entry for new paddlers who want to get into the sport but who can not afford new gear. It also helps people flip older gear to get new gear. Again, thank you.

And it helps keep the classifieds free for the Joe and Jane Paddlers of the world who yearn to buy new gear. For Shops and Companies, access to this kind of market is something completely new.

How it works:

  • Up to 10 classifieds per month.
  • 6 regular listings + Pick an additional 4 to be featured in the CHUM Newsletter and shared socially.
  • It is up to you to upload your listings and email us the links to the ones you want featured each month.

Some Notes on what to do and to avoid:

IMAGES: No larger than 500K file size and no larger than 1200 pixels wide and high

NOTE: You can only have one item per listing, unless it’s a package deal. And no new stuff. This is used or demo only. If you want to sell new stuff, shoot me an email and we’ll work something out. Listings expire after 90 days.

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