SUP Rescue of An Entrapped GooseSUP Rescue of An Entrapped Goose

SUP Rescue of An Entrapped Goose

Editor’s Note: Even in an urban aquatic environment like what you find in the tidal basins around Washington, D.C. you can have wildlife encounters.  Our friend Veronica Lee’s recent experience with a Canada Goose, caught in fishing line underscores that. We asked if she would give us permission to post her Facebook account of the goose rescue here. She graciously agreed, asking that we remind folks that discarded fishing line can be extremely dangerous to the creatures who call the water we play on home. The rescue group involved was the Animal Welfare League Of Arlington.  And yes, Veronica performed the avian rescue whilst wearing a unicorn onesie!  LS


This little animal rescue story might just work like a cup of hot chocolate on this cold winter day.

I took advantage of the warm, sunny day with no ice accretion and went out on the water yesterday. (Yes, low 30’s is now considered tropical ) I spotted a Canada goose when I landed on a beach for a break. There was something wrong with her. She tried to flee, but seemed trapped to a log. I called animal rescue and waited for a long time because there was another animal they had to rescue first and the location I had described was lost in translation. Meanwhile I just kept doing laps nearby to keep an eye on her.

When the officers finally arrived, they tried to catch her with a net, but of course she fled to the water. She was immediately weighed down by the log and drifted away quickly in the little class 1 rapid. I had no time to think. I intuitively paddled to her and grabbed her onto my board. Fishing lines. One of her legs was tangled in fishing lines wrapped on a log. She was light as feather. A fragile little thing. She sat calmly on my deck until we reached the beach and she saw the officers approaching us. I handed her over before we were drifted away.


They covered a towel over her to keep her calm in the darkness and then cut her free very quickly. So happy she was rescued before the Cyclone Bomb hit us last night. She would see a vet and get treatment at a wildlife rehab facility. And I was finally able to go home and warm up my frozen toes. Happy ending. 😊

Now that you have read the story (you can watch the video here), you know how fishing lines can hurt wildlife. Please try and pick up fishing lines next time you see them. Thank you!


Goose Update:

It looks like after some rest and rehabilitation, the goose will be just fine and will be returned back into the wild after staying with a wildlife rehab caretaker! And, apparently she is a he!

SUP Rescue of An Entrapped GooseSUP Rescue of An Entrapped Goose


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