Carolina Cup Tee Shirt Preview

We asked John Beausang, who not only is the Mullet publisher but also one of this year’s Carolina Cup race directors to talk about one of the most obvious “new looks” for this year’s event – the tee shirts. Not only are the designs a departure for past years, but there are multiple designs. He explains all in our Q&A below.

This year’s tee shirts for the Carolina Cup are really different….what was the inspiration?

The idea is that each race is it’s own challenge and when you complete it, that finisher medal should celebrate that specific event, that specific race. It needed to say “I did that” and not just “I was there.” Also, each race has its own personality. The designs reflect those personalities.
the race jerseys reflect the designs for the medals and say I raced. The overall shirt for the races includes the designs for all races and says that you attended the event.

This is the first year each race gets it’s own tee-shirt and medal – why?

Because we thought that was so much cooler. So much more personal. A better way to celebrate the accomplishment. And I want a jersey for each race.

Who did the designs?

We worked with Rennick Woods. You may remember him from the cover of the first and only issue of the Mullet Magazine. He is an amazing designer out of the Pacifci Northwest.

For those who don’t know, can you explain why there’s a parking meter on the Harbor Island Design?

They call that island the Diminishing Republic. Someone put a parking meter on the island as a social commentary to the town’s increased parking meters. The palm tree and the flag pole are added decorations. It’s a landmark and in the summer at low tide, a place for boats and paddlers to gather.


Money Island – well, the dollar sign is obvious – but a five-headed hydra for the Graveyard?

Five heads. Each stand for a challenge. Whether wind, waves, currents, boat traffic, flatwater, downwinding, drafting, you can pick the five you need to overcome. This course has a knack for finding your weakness and slapping you in the face with it. You can focus on your strengths all year, but if you don’t work on your weaknesses in the Graveyard, it’ll make you pay.


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