Hi Everyone!

So we’ve just finished our Month of Monster Mileage. Please share your totals with the group. I’m sure there’s been some pretty impressive paddling done in the last month.

We’d like to introduce the new challenge which starts September 10 and runs until December 19. It’s simply a mileage challenge. There’s no special workouts in this one or any team aspect to it. We’re saving the team challenge till the new year. Your challenge here is to pile up as much¬†distance as you can as the days get shorter and everything gets colder. You’ll be starting in bare feet and board shorts and finishing in booties and dry suits.

This challenge actually is almost a “three season challenge” as it starts in summer and runs through the fall, very nearly reaching winter which officially starts on December 21. That’s close enough that we’re going to consider it a three season challenge as many of you will be chipping ice off your boards or boats by the time this is over.

Of course a few of you will be experiencing longer paddling days and ever warming temperatures as you head towards your Southern Hemisphere summer. In this case your task isn’t just to rack up the miles, but also share pictures of warm sunny days and stories that will keep the rest of us warm vicariously.

So shorter, colder days? No problem! We can still find a way to do longer paddles! Let’s get started!

The Paddle Monster Team

About the Paddle Monster 100 Challenge

The Paddle Monster 100-day paddle challenge is a group of paddlers from all over the world, on all crafts who share, inspire, celebrate and support each other as they paddle in three 100-day paddle challenges. Each challenge is unique. We only include paddling people who request to enter, who paddle, who paddle, who also paddle, and who don’t have dry timelines. Paddling must be a central element of their being.

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