100 2019 challenges

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first challenge of 2019. We’re calling this the “Turn up the Base” Challenge and its focus is on distance and accumulation of miles on the water. Recognizing the value of aerobic base to successful paddling and the fact that many of you live in areas that aren’t so paddling friendly in the winter, we’re inviting you to keep track of your hours of aerobic/cardiovascular training as well. We’re not making it “paddling equivalent” and want you to track your cardio hours separately, but we do want you to share them with us. After all, if you end up logging 100 or 200 or 300 hours of cardio work between now and the end of the challenge, it’s a pretty safe bet you’re going to have a great year on the water.

This challenge runs from January 1st to April 10th and, since it was so successful last winter, we’re making it a team challenge as well. If you choose you can join forces with others and record team totals in miles/km paddled and total cardio hours. Last year we saw some pretty cool, multinational teams comprised of people from all over the paddling map. We had teams totaling distances that saw them paddling the equivalent distance from the US east coast or Australian gold coast to Hawaii. We also had paddlers from warm climates adopt paddlers from colder climates. The thing we heard from everyone was that it was a great way to get to know others better so, in the interest of paddling through the waters to friendship, we thought we’d repeat this aspect of the challenge again this year. You don’t have to team up with anyone if you don’t want to, but for those that are interested it is a great way to add to the fun of the challenge. Don’t be shy. If you don’t have a team introduce yourself and let people know you’re looking for people to paddle with and they’ll adopt you!

We continue to be blown away by the paddling posts and stories you share and love seeing people share their passion for being on the water and making paddling a central part of their active and healthy lives. We recognize that one of the best things about paddling isn’t just being on the water, it’s the people that we meet doing it. This group has been amazing for introducing people and fostering friendships and with all of your active participation long may it continue!

So here’s a quick summary of the challenge:

  1. “Turn up the Base”
  2. Log your paddling distance each day and track your totals. Distance is the focus
  3. Concurrently log the hours of cardio work you do and share them as well. This is still a paddling challenge and we don’t want you adding your cardio totals to your paddling totals. They are quite different, but cardio is important for paddling success so please share your cardio hours as well
  4. Team up with others and combine your totals. Pick a fun destination to paddle to and share your progress with the group
  5. Starts January 1, ends April 10
  6. Join here and make sure you answer all 3 questions

It’s a privilege to share what we love doing with all of you and to have you share your paddling experience with us. All the best for a healthy, happy and successful 2019. See you on the water!

—The Paddle Monster Team

About the Paddle Monster 100 Day Paddle Challenge

The group is a very simple facebook group, based and focused on 100 day paddle challenges. It provides virtual training pals. It is free. You send a facebook request to join. You must at some point try or complete one of the challenges to be a member, no “watchers”. Sometimes the challenges are easy, most times they’re not. They are not physician designed or endorsed. You won’t be voted off the island if you become sick or injured, go on vacation or bruise your paddle bone. It is a peer-to-peer connection that’s meant to be free of advertising, marketing, political and religious views—except for a few messages for its sponsor, Paddle Monster. It is simple and easy and all about accomplishment. It’s not a yard sale page, dating site, or chat room. It’s “the” facebook so personal information is encouraged only offline. We post our progress and pictures and cheer each other on. We push and pull and prod each other onto our fullest potential. We are relentless in our heartfelt enthusiasm as we develop real and genuine connections.

The 100 Paddle Challenge is all about “paddling out loud”, racing to the top as both an individual and as a group. Every mile, every hour, every paddle stroke…is a successful journey.

Remember this is free, but you’ve got to play to participate, no watchers. It’s simple. It’s easy. No complaints or whiners. Don’t like it, don’t do it. It’s supposed to be FUN.