Jack Ballard is an avid paddle board racer and a high school student in the STEM program at South River High School in Edgewater, MD. As part of his senior year graduation requirements, he must complete a capstone project.

“In my class, I must engineer a device/product to solve a problem. I chose to attempt to create a device to solve the problems surrounding SUP and surfboard transportation. Due to the lack of credible sources to use for the research portion of the project, I am conducting a survey to determine the legitimacy of the problem and direction for the solution.

Jack needs at least 300 responses to the survey. When you click the survey, it will take them to a page where they can fill out the survey. HE WILL NOT BE COLLECTING ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION, so all integrity will be preserved on your part.

“If you can please try to post the survey as soon as possible, as I do not have much time remaining for this portion of the project.”

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Thank you very much for all your help!
—Jack Ballard