Heads up. We have some jackass who somehow got through our user application system and is targeting people who list boards. I know waiting 24 hours and answering 3 simple questions can be frustrating, but I look at each one to cut out potential scammers like this. Every once in a while someone gets through and this is one such occasion. Some superdouchebag going by the name of Greg in Michigan is trying to blackmail the Mullet and says he’s targeting thousands of sites.

He has contacted a few of you who have immediately recognized that it’s a scam and let me know. (Thank you). I’m sure there are a few of you who didn’t know what to do with it. The name this person is giving is Greg and he’s saying he’s from Michigan.

Here’s the interaction:

Do not engage this scam. The phone number is a text only number, so there is no one on the other end to answer. They just wait for texts. The email the scammer is providing is [email protected]

We have his IP address and actually know the town he lives in. We’re just trying to figure out how to proceed with local and federal law enforcement.

The future:

First of all, the classifieds are working great. People are buying, selling, and finding boards, surskis, canoes, etc. every week. I just took 3 listings off this am that sold in the past week. Unfortunately, we get jackasses like this a few times per year and usually they just disappear. I usually get their emails forwarded to me immediately and find them. In the 10 years and thousands of posts, I think we’ve had one person who unfortunately got scammed. Although they thought they were getting 4.2 million US from a Nigerian Prince who needed to get funds out of the country.

We’re building a new classifieds system

It’s an app. It’s a closed network. And we”ll know who is contacting who. It’s not at the mercy of the intertubes. And we’ve been working super hard on it for a few months now. THANKS TIM!!!

The conclusion: Keep your eyes open. Ask what they’re paddling now. Just probe a little to make sure they paddle. When in doubt, get out. If anything seems fishy, it’s fishy.

Here are some tips on how to avoid scams from Craigslist, which kind of owns that scam world. Soon, we’ll be far from Jackasses like this.