Authorities are reporting that someone thought the floodwaters surging through the Escondio flood channel would present a thrill on a paddleboard. However, from the look of the board, it seems to be a Wavestorm, although it’s hard to tell. If it is the SUP model, they were either paddling it upright with a paddle or laying down, or if it’s the 8′ board, the paddler attempted to ride it on his stomach, like a longboard rather than standing on it like a paddleboard.


According to KTLA 5 San Diego, “Authorities in Escondido, northeast of San Diego, recovered the body Thursday of a man who witnesses say had been paddle-boarding down the surging current in a concrete-lined waterway.”

According to NBC Channel 7 San Diego, “An EFD Batallion Chief said crews found the man stuck in a bush under rapid water in the creek. The chief said crews believed the man was dead and he was confirmed deceased after his body was recovered.”

Whitewater paddling with knowledge and preparation is one thing, but attempting to ride out the floodwaters with so many possible snags and underwater debris present off-the-chart dangers for paddlers. Even with the right equipment, I doubt there is a professional willing to jump in this creek, mostly because of the unknown elements involved and the speed in which a joyride can go from fun to death.