Surfski Foil Think Kayak

“Given the rising popularity of foils in kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing it was only a matter of time before they were adapted to paddle sports. With the cooperation of Warren Bruce at Surfski Baja the Think Ion Foil has been perfected and is ready for purchase. After two years of testing on flat water and downwind Warren says, ¨The Ion Foil is plenty stable fore and aft and with a 250 cm paddle, bracing and edging and propulsion is a breeze. Speeds of 20 km/hr are easily maintained.”
All new boats shipped after today’s date will be supplied with the Tuttle fin box but older boats can be retrofitted. This page htps:// shows how to install the box into a prone SUP but installation into a surfski will be similar. Contact your local Think dealer for complete boats, foils and extensions to convert your regular Think paddle to 250 cm.

We see this as a real growth opportunity. Much more than the foil waterski boots that came out last week.

Thank you Jamii Hamlin

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