A surfer was allegedly assaulted in Sunset Cliffs by a paddleboarder, who after a brief argument, hit the surfer over the head with a paddle, fracturing his skull. The injured surfer, Kevin Eslinger was able to swim to shore safely and get medical attention.

According to ABC 10 San Diego, “Police say the man who hit him took off after the attack. No arrests have been made. The investigation is ongoing.” read more

The Inertia reports that the victim, “…was allegedly hit over the head with a paddle by 34-year-old Paul Taylor Konen.”

While assaults in and around the surf lineup aren’t a new phenomena, they are becoming less frequent as they are being treated as assaults. This is only one of a few altercation we’ve heard of where a paddle was used as a weapon, that there was this serious an injury, and that charges were filed.

We first found out about the story through an article in The Inertia (we are huge fans of The Inertia)