Renegades will be banned for life

I was reviewing posts yesterday about the Maui to Molokai and came across one of their rules and it struck a chord with me. It’s brilliant and applicable and so well said that I needed to share it with race directors and paddlers alike. “Renegades” are people who jump into a race without registering. They basically show up and paddle without being a part of the race officially, but race when everyone else goes.

Here’s the M2M statement from Instagram:

Friends Do Not Let Friends Paddle Renegade…

What’s a renegade paddler? A renegade (aka rogue paddler aka course poacher) is a paddler who jumps into the race without registering.

Do you care about the lives of the other paddler’s in the race? Then don’t let your friends go renegade!

Why? Keeping track of and not losing paddlers is MPH’s number one priority. Unregistered paddlers throw our count off, confuse water safety officials, take them away from registered paddlers in need, or worse yet, delay us in identifying someone in danger still out on the water.

Additionally, the DLNR is giving us exclusive use of the race course. They will fine any unauthorized boat or paddler and be on the beach at Flemings to stop unauthorized paddlers.

We all love this sport and this race and do not want anyone to jeopardize any paddler’s safety or future of the race.

Any unregistered paddler on the race course during the race will be banned for life from all future Maui Paddling Hui races. Anyone who assists in any way, such as providing escort or coaching during the race or supplying a boat will also be banned.

There are 364 other days a year and many options to enjoy this channel crossing.

Thank you for respecting the safety of all participating paddlers and the longevity of this race!

—Ozone Kai Wa’a Maui To Molokai 2019

This is first chapter paddle bible stuff. Thank you M2M. For race directors, look to established races for lessons. They’ve faced and overcome most things, from having to cancel due to weather, to rogue boat traffic, to RENEGADES and beyond.

Give Maui to Molokai a follow on Instagram and put it on your bucket list. It’s on ours.


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