Congrats on completing the third 100 day challenge of the year!

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a long and amazing year on the water and the posts you’ve shared of your paddling experiences, from January to the end of October have been awesome. You’ve paddled in all kinds of weather and conditions, extending yourself and your skills while improving your fitness in the most enjoyable way possible – on the water. We’ve enjoyed every post and appreciate your contributions in building this great community bound by a love of being on the water. Thank you!

The end of the third challenge begs the question, what’s next? Well, here’s what’s in store:
We’re looking at a short 6 week challenge to finish the year starting on November 10 and finishing on December 22 that we’ll call the “Triple/Get Ready for Winter” Challenge. First, we want this next challenge to encourage everyone to continue to get on the water as much as possible even though the weather is getting colder again. This will help you prepare for the rigors of the first challenge of 2020 starting January 1st.
For the second part of the challenge we want to encourage everyone to begin to address land-based cardio as an element of their fitness work. Land-based cardio greatly compliments paddling by improving the aerobic fitness we rely on on the water. We’d like you to try to do at least one land-based cardio session per week and, of course, share it with the group.

The third part of the challenge involves strength. Strength is extremely important in paddle sports as it makes your paddling easier, improves your performance and reduces the risk of injury. Paddling strength doesn’t require huge bulky muscles but rather extremely efficient muscles that can generate large power output for extended periods of time. It’s hard to develop that strength from paddling alone, so we’d like to encourage you to hit the gym OR do yoga OR do some home fitness that promotes the development of strength and flexibility. Again, we encourage you to share these training sessions and your experiences with the group. As always this not only inspires other members, but in this case might even give other members some ideas for training activities that they hadn’t thought of.

So in essence, you are sharing more than just your paddling with the group, but also the land-based activity you do that supports good paddling AND good health.

Why are we waiting to November 10th to start? Well, it’s been a long season. You’ve paddled over 300 days of challenges already. You may have done races, and many of you just completed a long, grueling Chattajack. You’ve earned a bit of a break and a chance to either rest for a week or do other activities that you enjoy but may not have had a chance to do very much when chasing miles on the water. By all means, you can paddle if you wish. This may be a particularly good option for those who feel that cold weather is closing in and their paddling days are numbered till next spring, but the point is you don’t HAVE to paddle. Feel free to try and enjoy some other activities for a week or so. We call this approach to the end of the season “Active Rest”. So stay active but do whatever you want and share it with us. Nobody should be feeling any pressure to pile up the mileage on the water.

Why are we stopping this challenge on December 22? Well, we know that the holidays are a busy time and there’s lots to do. It’s hard for some of us to find time to really devote to paddling between Christmas and New Years. Also, there is the small matter of a brand new challenge starting on January 1st that will test you by starting in the depths of winter and ending in the spring. You’ll want to be ready, both physically and mentally, to face the challenges it brings.

Congrats again on an awesome year on the water and of shared stoke here. We love your participation and what you bring to each other’s paddling experience simply by sharing yours. Please join us in continuing the build this awesome community!

John and Larry