Gorge Downwind Championships

The Champs will be July 13th thru 18th 2020.

It will sell out at 750 spots. It is first come first serve for all boat types.   SUP, OC and SKI. We highly suggest setting an alarm on your calendar. This will sell out fast.

Register here:  https://www.gorgedownwindchamps.com/registration

The Champs is a proud fundraiser for the Columbia Gorge Wind and Water Association. They make river access possible and so much more.  Become a member today. – Click here

Included with Entry

  • Boat storage (500+ spots. first come first serve) – you must bring your own Pads/Ties.
  • Mon – Downwind Shuttles
  • Tue – Downwind Shuttles
  • Wed – Downwind Shuttles – Hero’s dinner – Demo Day – LIVE MUSIC
  • Thu – Downwind Shuttles (potential race day – Awards banquet Meal)  – LIVE MUSIC
  • Fri – Downwind Shuttles (potential race day – Awards banquet Meal) – LIVE MUSIC
  • Sat – Downwind Shuttles (potential race day – Awards banquet Meal

Please take the following 2 poles. Click below to weigh in

New for 2020

  • Carpet at Takeout 🙂
  • Dedicate Beach and Bear Garden PA in addition to Stage PA system
  • More Live Music
  • Nightly sponsor talks
  • Registration insurance offered via EnMotive, our registration company, for those who end up having to cancel. It is cheap. Highly suggested if you are not sure if you can make it. 😊

New Standing Trophies / Recognition for 2020 on display all week. Massive sculptures. ​

  • 5 Year Participant Standing Trophy on display (Surprise personal items as well)
  • Champs Standing Trophy. You want to get on this!!
  • Water Women Standing Trophy