So You Want to Find Fellow Paddlers?


Paddling with others is what allows us to make the most of the sport we love. Many of us are very fortunate to have a paddle league or group in our area that gives us access to share racing, adventure, or club-style gatherings while we paddle. Around the globe, from outrigger to SUP to surf ski to, prone or all combined; there are paddle groups that meet regularly and get on the water.

This desire to share experiences also cross geographical boundaries. I go there in my mind every time I get on a plane, regardless of the time of year. Regardless if I’m traveling on business or pleasure, it doesn’t matter. If my trip is not paddle based, my mind goes to I want to get on the water.  I don’t want to miss my workouts, I want to explore the area I’m traveling in, I want to share the stoke with my fellow paddlers, I want to expand my paddling social network. Whatever your reason, paddling while traveling is a goal and you should adopt, one that we here at Paddle Monster want to help you accomplish.

Paddle Monster Clubs & Race Leagues Section

If you’re an individual paddler where ever you live or the next time you’re planning a trip, check out our Clubs & Race Leagues section of Paddle Monster:

Here, groups from around the world list their location, what they paddle, where they paddle, how to contact them, if they have access to equipment, etc. I personally have paddled with local groups including my own here in South Florida, Capital SUP in Annapolis Maryland to Bay SUP in Bournemouth UK and plenty in between. Finding these groups can sometimes be difficult, so the Paddle Monster Clubs and Leagues section exists to make things easier.

Check this section out and contact the group for more information. Remember, we paddlers are super chill and welcoming people, we always love to talk paddling with newcomers and will welcome you with open arms including helping you gear up to paddle!

One last thing, if you are a paddle group anywhere on the planet, submit your club here and we’ll get it up and announced. It’s a free listing and a great way to promote your group locally or more broadly for your fellow paddlers. To submit your group, see below:

Paddle Monster wants to support and help you promote your group! The more paddlers and paddling the better!