Hey Monsters,

Since we opened up the home program to everyone on All-Access Membership I thought I would make a quick note. It was originally designed for people with no to minimal equipment, and primarily novice athletes (2 sets X 2 days per week). This was done as we recommended more serious athletes to find gym access or build a good home gym. The higher level programs are all 3x per week and have much higher volumes. So if you are intermediate or higher but currently doing the home program I would start by modifying sets as below:

Intermediate = 3 sets

Advanced = 4 sets

Elite = 5 sets


Given we may not be out of this situation anytime soon I will be creating more home options as we move forward. The key right now is to maintain fitness and find a new balance in your life. Don’t stress too much about being super specific – general training is okay!

Here are a few ideas for training with only a towel (I assume everyone has access to at least one towel).


Towel Circuit: https://www.columbuscrewsc.com/workouts?fbclid=IwAR1SAffIL1eesJmGKbF65rj2bn1Ar3CW6psK4hkW3nTC4XtNcXHgpoAG5Ic

Stay happy and healthy Monsters!