Paddle Monster / SUP Racer Launch The Virtual Paddle League!

Separate, but still connected


Paddle Monster and SUP Racer have joined forces to offer an answer to the 2020 race season. Today, we’re super stoked to announce The Virtual Paddle League!

The best thing about our sport is our community. That’s what motivated the crew from Paddle Monster and SUP Racer to team up and start building the Virtual Paddle League — a new series of online “Time Trials” and “Dream Races” that will challenge, motivate and make you feel part of the international paddling community again.

Just like us, you’re probably missing that feeling of sand between your toes as you line up for your local, regional, or international paddle race. And just like us, you might already be comparing virtual times against your buddies from the local training groups on Facebook.

We’ve taken the idea of “virtual race series” and turned it into a legitimate global racing league, complete with time-based Virtual World Rankings, age-group “Leaderboards,” innovative (and damn good fun!) “Dream Races” and plenty more. This is not just a virtual race, this is an international paddling community.

The guiding principle of the Virtual Paddle League is that paddling should be fun. We believe any day on the water is a day well spent, and we want to encourage you to get on the water whenever you can. To challenge yourself, to motivate (and smack-talk) your buddies, and to connect with thousands of fellow paddlers, compare times and share the stoke.

What Types of Events Will be Available?

We will be offering a series or virtual races held over the course of the 2020 paddling season as well as season-long sprint time trials of distances including 2000m, 1000m, 500m, 200m, and much, much more, with active leaderboards updated immediately on,, and We’ll also have special “chase down events”, Marquee honor races, and much much more!

The First Race!

Starting on May 7th, we’re starting with the Fastest Over 5K race!  This race is a time trial race. You can upload your best 5k time via our event app or by uploading your Garmin data file. You can upload 5k results as many times as you want. Every time you upload a new attempt, your new time will replace the old one.

We will have a leaderboard on Paddle Monster and showing the times for each category. That way, you can see where you are in your craft category versus people around the world.

Place close attention to the dates of each race to ensure you get your race times in by the race deadline!

So, check us out at, see the list of currently scheduled races at, and register today here!!

Don’t forget to join our Facebook where you can challenge and talk smack with racers from around the world. FB Virtual Paddle League Clubhouse

Stay tuned, there is much more to come!!

Thank you and good luck!

We’ll be on the water in the coming days and hope you are too!

We’d like to extend our best wishes for continued good health for all of you and your family and friends. Our pledge to you is to continue to strive to help make your paddling experience more fulfilling and enjoyable.

The Paddle Monster Team and SUP Racer Teams

How it actually works

  1. Register on the site here
  2. Wait for the race to open!  Exciting isn’t it!
  3. Use your favorite tracking device (Garmin, Speed Coach, Apple Watch, etc.) and paddle and track your race time.  Don’t forget, make sure to have a PFD and appropriate leash. Here is a quick reference from the ACA for SUP safety gear
  4. Enter your time manually or upload a corresponding .GPX file here.
  5. Watch the race list closely at as we’ll be adding races all year long, and if you bought the $70 Season Pass, all you’ll have to do is register!

Paddle Craft Categories

We are supporting the following classes:

  • SUP (14′ and 12’6″)
  • Prone
  • Surfski
  • OC-1
  • OC-2

The Rules

We recognize the many ways in which people can paddle that can make their times unnaturally fast for the craft they paddle. Each race will have very specific rules. Please read and follow the rules by clicking on the rules associated with reach race, as each race will vary:


If you want to make your event a Virtual Event in our series, contact us

Our platform may be just the way to support and grow your event, during and beyond this pandemic. If your event has been canceled, postponed, or if you have one coming up that you want to have a virtual option, Contact us here for more information on how to make your virtual race a reality and add it to the 2020 Virtual Paddle League series!