100 challenge anything goes

Thanks for bearing with us these last few weeks while the 100 Challenge has been in a holding pattern. We’ve had a number of things on the go at Paddle Monster, and we know that many of you have been under a lockdown which took some of the urgency out of getting a new challenge in front of you but it’s early May now and we want to get you started on something that can carry you through the heart of the summer.

We’ve never had a season like this before with lockdowns and different rules about paddling (or even getting outdoors to exercise) in different areas of the country and parts of the world. Finding the same quality and amount of exercise as usual has been a challenge for all of us. While many areas are opening up and restrictions are being relaxed, there are some of you that are still limited with regards to what you can do. And of course, there is no guarantee that the rules for all of us won’t change again in the coming months. Accordingly, we’re going to add a new twist to this next challenge.

While this is the 100 Day Paddle Challenge, we’re going to open things up to include other activities for this new challenge. While our hope is that everyone will be able to paddle we’re certain some, unfortunately, won’t be able to and we’d like you to still be included.

So starting May 12th and running through until August 19th the goal for your challenge is to do 100 activity sessions in 100 days.

Some of you, we’re certain, will do 100 paddles (Lew Renae Pavlovich, we’re looking at you knowing you’re on pace for 3000 miles this year). Some of you will be paddling when you can but will have to supplement your paddling with other activities. Others might not be able to paddle at all this summer. If that’s the case we feel your pain and want to provide you with an opportunity to still participate and share your activity with the group. Some of you will be taking days off here and there, as you probably should, but will be loading up with 2 or more activities on those days when you just can’t stop moving. It’s all good.
What kind of activities count? We’ll that’s really up to you. We’ve all got different tastes and interests when it comes to our non-paddling activity but if you’re looking for some guidelines here are a few things to consider.

Your activity should see you working with a similar intensity and in a similar way to what you do when you paddle. You should feel like you’re either getting a similar quality cardio workout OR feel like you’re loading your muscles in a similar way such that you feel, after you’ve completed your activity, similar to the way you feel when you get off the water. The list of activities that fit this description is pretty much limited only by your imagination: running, cycling, swimming, hiking, aerobics, circuit training, yoga, roller-blading are all perfect examples and we’re sure you can come up with more.

Our world will return to normal again one day and we can get back to a more traditional paddle challenge but in these times we all need to be flexible and prepared to do things a little differently. The important thing is that we stay active and fit, as the health benefits provided – physically, mentally and emotionally – are more important now than ever. And please, everyone, don’t be shy about posting and sharing. Whether you’re able to paddle or not, your story is important to us. This group has the remarkable ability to motivate, support and inspire. If ever there was a time for a group like this it’s now.

Have a great spring and summer and please stay healthy and well. We’re looking forward to sharing the next 100 days with you!
—The Paddle Monster Team

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About the 100 Challenge:

The 100-day paddle challenge is a group of paddlers from all over the world, and of all crafts who share, inspire, celebrate and support each other as they paddle in three 100-day paddle challenges. Each challenge is unique. We only include paddling people who request to enter, who paddle, who paddle, who also paddle, and who don’t have dry timelines. Paddling must be a central element of their being.