Paddle Logger – The Official Paddlesports Tracker of The Virtual Paddle League

Paddle Monster and Paddle Logger are excited to announce their partnership in support of the 2020 Virtual Paddle League global race series.  Paddle Logger, with its PaddleLIVE capability as well as its race distance and time tracking functions, is the recommended app for safety when paddling alone or with limited community support in these times when self-isolating or distancing is both required and good practice. For races like the 200M, 500M, and even 1000M sprint races, the Paddle Logger app has features that will be released soon which allow for capturing of the time it takes to paddle a pre-determined distance, and with the audio countdown feature, knowing when to start paddling to gain maximum paddling and time, Paddle Logger is one of the best products available here in the Apple App Store.

About Paddle Logger:

Paddle Logger is a mobile tracking app designed from the ground up for paddlesports. We want our users to get the most out of their chosen paddlesport and have deliberately designed the app so the user has minimal interaction. After setup on dry land, once they get down to the water all they have to do as part of their final checks is press go. They can concentrate on paddling we will handle the rest.

The minimal design offers a frictionless user experience on both iPhone and Apple Watch. This is designed to allow the paddler to concentrate on having an awesome session, pushing boundaries, and being a responsible paddler. It is our belief that safety and responsible paddling shouldn’t be a chore, it should be as simple as the tap of a button – enter Paddle**LIVE**.

Paddle**LIVE** is a service offered as part of the Paddle Logger Pro Subscription. It is designed, with no extra effort, to keep the paddler connected to someone on land while they are on the water. The paddler is able to set check-in time, once the session is started, a notification is sent to their emergency contact informing them of their paddle including a map of their live location and battery levels. If the paddler fails to check-in, the emergency contact is again notified. At any point during the trip, the user can also choose to fire a Digital Flare which will notify their emergency contact.
With Paddle**LIVE** once the session has started, the user can also share a live link to a trip map, this map has less emergency info and has been anonymized as it is designed to be shared publicly on social media or wherever the paddler chooses.

Paddle Logger is a proud partner of 1% for the Planet, this means that 1% of our sales, not profit, are committed to environmental non-profit organizations.

Timothy Myers
A paddler of SUP and OC-2 in South Florida. Also a writer, consultant, father, paddler enthusiast, surfer and the tech mind behind @distressdmullet. Partner in the encouragement and promotion of the sport through FB #954PaddleCrew and more.



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