The Haulin Half Marathon is a grueling 21km race.  Finally, as we expect people have had some training time, this race is for the distance folks! Settle in and put in a good 21km! This isn’t about sprinting, but about the long haul! Settle in a reach for the fastest 21km time on the planet! Join us for The Haulin Half Marathon!
Rules: This is an open race. You can go point to point/A to B paddle, out and back, loops around a lake or island. Go go go.
See where you rank on our live leaderboard!  Do the race as often as you want, uploading your personal bests along the way to maintain your spot on the leaderboard. Represent your club, your brand, and your country!

Once You’re Done

Upload your time manually or by uploading your “.GPX” file exported directly from your Garmin or another compatible device by clicking the “Submit Race Time” button at the top of this page.

Check the leaderboard and good luck everyone!!