The 2020 Virtual Paddle League is excited to announce the September 1, 2020 leaderboard!  This leaderboard, which is represented by craft, race, and gender, is quite extensive and represents the fastest currently in each position across these groupings.

Each leader will receive a leader’s jersey, shown here, to wear with pride and represent in the world of global paddlers participating in this event!

The current leader standings can be found on this link VPL Race Leaderboard – September 1, 2020, or seen in the table below.

The Paddle Monster Virtual Paddle League team is super excited about the progress and effort by all paddlers to date!

Current leaderboard standings in all age groups, across all crafts, genders, and races are available always here on Virtual Paddle League.


NameGenderRaceTimeRace DatePaddleCraftCountryBrandAgePaddleGroup
Christina GonzalezFemaleFastest Over Five - 5km00:29:382020-08-19 20:55:58SurfskiUnited StatesEpic26
Cath Mckee & Manu FrankFemaleFastest Over Five - 5km00:28:122020-05-13 00:21:58OC-2AustraliaOcean Swell61Outrigger
Jennifer PetersFemaleFastest Over Five - 5km00:30:562020-06-01 17:32:48OC-1United StatesKai Wa'a64Team 954
SeychelleFemaleFastest Over Five - 5km00:30:382020-07-01 00:16:53SUP (14' and under)United StatesSIC33
Marshall SeddonMaleFastest Over Five - 5km00:27:232020-06-01 16:45:21SurfskiUnited StatesStellar52River Connection Racers
Donato "aka Donnie" FreensMaleFastest Over Five - 5km00:28:232020-06-10 17:08:56SUP (14' and under)NetherlandsLightboard15
Renick WoodsMaleFastest Over Five - 5km00:34:172020-06-15 16:45:44ProneUnited StatesBark45
Robert NormanMaleFastest Over Five - 5km00:26:212020-08-14 20:25:19OC-1United StatesOther27K2N Dragon Boat Club
Cath Mckee & Manu FrankFemaleThe 2k Tangle - 2km00:11:052020-06-10 23:41:49OC-2AustraliaOcean Swell61Outrigger
Jeff CameronMaleThe 2k Tangle - 2km00:10:592020-09-16 21:09:27SUP (14' and under)United StatesHovie36
Jennifer PetersFemaleThe 2k Tangle - 2km00:11:552020-06-01 17:50:33OC-1United StatesKai Wa'a64Team 954
michael SchutzlerMaleThe 2k Tangle - 2km00:14:062020-06-22 18:05:49ProneUnited StatesBark58
Melinda SchlehleinFemaleThe 2k Tangle - 2km00:14:522020-05-22 01:03:37SurfskiUnited StatesNULL42
SeychelleFemaleThe 2k Tangle - 2km00:11:592020-06-11 00:25:51SUP (14' and under)United StatesSIC33
Robert NormanMaleThe 2k Tangle - 2km00:10:012020-08-10 17:21:22OC-1United StatesOther27K2N Dragon Boat
Christina GonzalezFemaleKing & Queen of the 1k00:05:252020-08-14 15:34:48SurfskiUnited StatesEpic26
Jennifer PetersFemaleKing & Queen of the 1k00:05:582020-06-22 18:20:06OC-1United StatesKai Wa'a64Team 954
Richard HallickMaleKing & Queen of the 1k00:05:242020-06-12 15:33:59SurfskiUnited StatesEpic68Team 954
Renick WoodsMaleKing & Queen of the 1k00:06:322020-06-15 16:47:05ProneUnited StatesBark45
Cath Mckee & Manu FrankFemaleKing & Queen of the 1k00:05:042020-06-10 23:40:53OC-2AustraliaOcean Swell61Outrigger
Robert NormanMaleKing & Queen of the 1k 00:04:492020-08-12 03:14:14OC-1United StatesOther27K2N Dragon Boat Club
Matt AndersonMaleKing & Queen of the 1k00:04:592020-07-24 03:01:13SUP (14' and under)New ZealandNSP35
SeychelleFemaleKing & Queen of the 1k00:05:492020-06-11 00:26:41SUP (14' and under)United StatesSIC33
Tracy CullinaneFemaleHeroes of the Half Kilometer00:03:022020-07-02 15:45:37SUP (14' and under)United StatesBanh Pho49
michael SchutzlerMaleHeroes of the Half Kilometer00:03:182020-07-10 23:19:57ProneUnited StatesBark58
Robert NormanMaleHeroes of the Half Kilometer00:02:262020-08-09 17:04:30OC-1United StatesOther27K2N Dragon Boat Club
Christina GonzalezFemaleHeroes of the Half Kilometer00:02:462020-08-15 14:39:37SurfskiUnited StatesEpic26
Layla CrehanFemaleHeroes of the Half Kilometer00:04:582020-07-06 00:00:00ProneUnited StatesOther15
Jennifer PetersFemaleHeroes of the Half Kilometer00:02:492020-07-19 15:53:09OC-1United StatesKai Wa'a64Team 954
Matt AndersonMaleHeroes of the Half Kilometer00:02:262020-07-04 20:28:09SUP (14' and under)New ZealandNSP35
Jennifer PetersFemaleClash of the 200m Titans00:01:062020-07-20 19:40:30OC-1United StatesKai Wa'a64Team 954
Robert NormanMaleClash of the 200m Titans00:00:542020-08-09 17:01:55OC-1United StatesOther27K2N Dragon Boat Club
Verity ThomasFemaleClash of the 200m Titans00:01:052020-08-11 14:44:12SUP (14' and under)JerseyBark38Jersey Paddle Club ??
Matt AndersonMaleClash of the 200m Titans00:00:552020-07-24 03:02:48SUP (14' and under)New ZealandNSP35
Christina GonzalezFemaleClash of the 200m Titans00:01:022020-08-15 13:58:37SurfskiUnited StatesEpic26
Matt AndersonMaleThe Haulin Half Marathon01:59:472020-08-23 00:12:55SUP (14' and under)New ZealandNSP35
meeego CFemaleThe Haulin Half Marathon02:28:442020-08-23 22:33:54OC-1United StatesOther54
SeychelleFemaleThe Haulin Half Marathon02:26:062020-09-27 10:52:56SUP (14' and under)United StatesSIC33
Robert NormanMaleThe Haulin Half Marathon01:57:492020-08-15 17:48:51OC-1United StatesOther27K2N Dragon Boat Club

We would like to identify two additional paddlers who bring tremendous stoke to the sport of paddling, regardless of craft, they are our youngest and oldest paddlers.  Congrats to Trace Ostrowski from Mexico and the Sayulita Jr SUP Team at age 13 and Gray Rancourt paddling at age 75 from the United States!

Additionally, the 2020 Virtual Paddle League has representation from all over the world:

As we’re now in the last three months of the year, it’s time to get your last times in and see if we can shake this board up a bit!  As always, email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!!