Let’s spend a week together, live paddle training sessions with Coach Seychelle and Coach Victoria Burgess, PhD and virtual sessions with Coach Larry Cain.

This is a Standup Paddleboard Specific Camp for all levels except beginners. We are going to kick off 2021 with an intensive training experience because training works.

This 4-Day Camp goes from March 19-22, 2021, and includes entry into a Saturday race where we will be getting video footage for paddle stroke analysis.

Camp Schedule: 

Friday March 19: Afternoon Welcome Session 
(3 or 4pm. Check-in Do dockside is 3) 
– Race preparedness discussion and pre-race warm-up paddle
• Cook Out

March 20:
(Tentative pre-race strategy, conditions, weather, group discussion)
• Lunch (Provided by the race)
• Afternoon video analysis and discussion
• Short technical paddle Session

March 21:
• Morning Session
(Maybe have this as a controlled video session if we cant get one from the race?)
• Lunch (included) and Workshop
• Afternoon Session
• (Hopefully we can surf one of these sessions or one of Monday’s sessions)

March 22:
• Morning Session
• Lunch and workshop
• Afternoon session 
• Farewell dinner 

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