Gear Review: The Modular Modl Bottle Hydration System

I am always looking for a better hydration solution, especially when it comes to finding a bladder or bottle that is going to work well in multiple paddle craft. When I first saw the Modl Bottle hydration system, I was instantly intrigued by its overall design, flexibility and usability. I was hoping it might be a replacement to the sometimes cumbersome hydration bladder.

Modl Bottle hydration system

The Modl Bottle is made by Modl Outdoors. It is a 32 oz. food grade silicone bottle that opens on both ends.  It has  squared off sides to keep it from rolling when on its side. Because it’s made with pliable silicone, it’s really grippy.  It is collapsable, can hold water at temperatures anywhere from freezing to boiling, and it comes with a variety of mix-and-match attachments, including:

  • A water filter.
  • A hydration hose.
  • A spray nozzle.

On paper, the Modl Bottle Hydration system looked incredible.

In practice, some significant pro’s bore out in the testing:

  • The wide opening on both ends makes for easy cleaning and filling.
  • It’s a great choice for travel because of how it folds down and save spaces when empty.
  • The nozzle attachment is great for quick rinses and clean ups.
  • The filter attachment is convenient and works well when you need to address questionable water (hiking and international travel.)

But there were some unexpected cons:

  • The bottles tend to leak. The threads need to match the stainless steel ends of the bottles perfectly, and that can be tricky.
  • I is difficult to syphon all the water out of the bottle when using a longer hydration hose.
  • if you are prone to losing things like lids, then this isn’t the system for you. The mesh bag it comes with isn’t quite large enough to hold all the components in one place.

Questionable for Chattajack

I hoped to be able to use three of these bottles for my hydration for this year’s Chattajack.  I thought they might be easier to manage and switch out during the race than bladders.  After testing in the surfski, I am not so sure. The leakage issue is worrisome. I tested three bottle and all of them have the issue. None of the other reviews I have read on the product mention this, so maybe it’s just me. But I can’t run the risk of losing all my hydration and nutrition during Chattajack. Or any workout, for that matter.

I did find that the bottle slipped into the hydration sleeve of my Vaikobi lifejacket with no issue and it was comfortable to wear in that fashion.

I do like the other aspects for the bottle and will continue to use it for travel and other activities. It will make a handy tool when camping and as a general water bottle. But unless there are some refinements, not sure it will be a great hydration system replacement for the tried and true hydration bladder. Especially considering the price – $25 for just the bottle, up to over $100 for all the add-ons like the filter, hydration hose, etc.

Lisa is managing editor of and is an avid paddler of all the things - including sup, SurfSki, outrigger canoe and prone, though she especially enjoys paddle surfing and downwinding. She is a former journalist with more than 30 years experience in print and broadcast journalism and in government communications. She is a six-time Chattajack finisher, racing both sup and OC2. When not paddling, she is an outdoor instructor.



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