8-week Custom Sprint Training

Speed, strength and explosion - these are the qualities that an athlete needs to race any distance, especially a technical race and a sprint race!

Sprint Technique Training Programs

Paddle monster 8-week sprint training program by Coach Andrey

Speed, strength and explosion – these are the qualities that an athlete needs to race any distance, especially a technical race and a sprint race!

8 weeks is the minimum period for which you can qualitatively improve the speed and explosive qualities.

I believe that over this period together we will make great progress from where you are now.  This program offers specific training on the water, additional exercises and drills on land and correction of technique will take you to a next level.  After 10 years of Olympic canoeing and learning different methods, I have created a structure that gives consistent progress in the conditions where you are not part of a the team, which can be integrated into the routine of everyday life. The development of strength and speed is a process that provokes stress on the muscles and the body as a whole. In contrast to the development of endurance, the volume of training is lower with a higher intensity! We will be working on quality, not quantity! The main requirement for this program is to come to this training – perform from the first to the last stroke efficiently. Consistency and discipline will bring success!

Week 1:

  • Making the videos for further analysis and coaching
  • Time – trial distance of 1500 meters and 200 meters (  GPS recording track for analysis )
  • Detection of the maximum speed 50m (1 from the dead start, the second from the moving)
  • Based on the results of these tests, we identify weaknesses and strengths and setting u for a block of 3 weeks
  • Zoom conference where we discuss the work plan and recommendations for the implementation of the training plan
  • Stroke video analysis

Week 2-4

  • Specific power and speed
  • During this block, we conduct a discussion through the PM app, if necessary, we adapt the training to your schedule
  • At the end of 4 weeks, we repeat the time trial of 1500 and 200 meters, as well as the maximum speed
  • Repeat video technique analysis

Week 5

  • Zoom summing up and entering the second block of the course
  • Unloaded training program 
  • Focus on technique correction 
    • exercises drills on land
    • Accumulation for next block 

Week 6-8:

Racing speed and speed endurance

  • Final stage of the course
  • Summing up to the peak of the form

Week 8:

  • Simulated lead-up to the race
  • Everyone will get a model of the last week for the race day
  • The program ends with the repeated time trial of distances!

What is needed:

  • Time trial the distance in the same place (preferably) in similar weather conditions for maximum efficiency and objective
  • the presence of resistance ( an example will be given) and additional weight ( 5 kg )

In helping you Coach Andrey is applying the knowledge and experience he’s gained from sprint canoe and sprint racing the fastest paddlers on the planet. Over the years he’s developed a range of strategies and drills that help paddlers understand and master the fundamentals of effective sprint technique, we am confident you can begin sprinting much faster with fantastic technique in the relatively short period of 8 weeks.

As this is an in-depth program with a high degree of coach/athlete contact Coach Andrey can only work with 4 paddlers at a time.  If you’re interested in doing this program please register or get on the wait list.

Coach Andrey - Sprint

Coach Andrey Kraytor

SUP, C1 Coach 2x World And European Champion, 2016 Olympian – Rio Olympics


Paddle Monster Elite Sprint Technique Coaching Program

$ 800
All-encompassing elite sprint technique coaching program.
  • 8-week intensive technique improvement course
  • Individual start dates
  • Initial, weekly, and exit video analysis conferencing via Zoom
  • Concrete technique goals and development plan
  • Prescribing reading/video viewing
  • Prescribed drills
  • A training program based on technical objectives as the priority
  • Unlimited access to paddle monster coaching content through the Coaching App
  • Unlimited follow-up Q&A conversation through the Paddle Monster Coaching App Conversations Feature
  • All Zoom sessions are recorded and shared with the paddler

One-time Technique Assessment

Paddle Monster also offers a one-time video assessment with your choice of coach for quick technique adjustments and reviews.

One-time Video Analysis

Elite Paddle Coach Video Analysis
  • Personalized video analysis
  • Get meaningful feedback from any of our coaches
  • Make the improvements necessary to optimize your technique and stroke
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