Jeremy Riggs on Jumping the Bump

If you want to learn downwinding, especially if your goal is a North Shore Maui Maliko Run, there is no one better to learn from that the Jedi Master himself, Jeremy Riggs of Paddle with Riggs. This week, he dropped a great video on how...

How time and intensity of training affects sleep quality

Do you think the time you exercise or the intensity of your exercise affects your quality of sleep? Thirty four men and women participated in a one-week study on how the timing of their exercise and the intensity of their exercise affects their sleep...

Save A Session Kit: Items to Always Have on Hand Just in Case

Save-A-Session Kits If you’ve ever arrived at your paddle destination all excited for a workout or a surf with you buddies, only to realize someone doesn’t have a fin screw, then this is for you. It happens - we forget things. Things break. But keeping...

Extreme Social Distance: Paddling the entire 182-mile length of the Manistee River in Northern Michigan

For the most part, paddlers are outdoor people, so when you tell them they have to stay indoors and not paddle in events, a little crazy starts to happen. Now there is regular crazy, when you tear the “do not remove” labels off your...

Race Preview x 2 and Bucket List Destination: Traverse City, Michigan

sunset of east grand traverse bay
It’s been a challenging year for paddling, but the world is slowly starting to open up again. While there is still some uncertainty in the air, two races in the Traverse City, Michigan area are still very much planning on happening: 45 North Paddle Festival...

USCG 2019 Recreational Boating Statistics and Paddling

The U.S. Coast Guard has released its accident, injury and death statistics for 2019 and as always the results are interesting. Here are the top takeaways overall: Number of Accidents: 4,168 Number of Deaths: 613 Number of Injuries: 2,559 Now keep in mind this involves all...

SUP 11 City Tour Nutrition Program with Victoria Burgess, PhD

The SUP 11 City Tour Nutrition Program with Victoria Burgess, PhD, CISSN certified Sports Nutritionist, includes: —In depth customization for nutrition based on current training plan for SUP 11 City Tour —Constant guidance in nutrition and supplementation to help increase performance up to and throughout event —Any...

Intro to LandPaddling: Quarantine Edition

I’ve had several inquiries about land paddling since the lockdown of 2020 began, so I thought a quick primer might be in order. Introduction I discovered land paddling several years ago, not long after I started stand up paddling and at the time, I thought it...

Seychelle hosts Facebook Live today: Finding Zen

Seychelle Zen
Coach Seychelle will be on Facebook live TODAY, Friday, March 20, 2020 at 3pm EST on Paddle Monster’s Facebook page here We know many of us are anxious, isolated, saddened by what's going on in the world right now. This is a small way we...

Training in the Time of Covid and Social Distancing: The Mental Game

Upping the Mental Game While Social Distancing Wow, 2020 got weird real fast, didn’t it? Just after the end of the second Paddle Monster training camp, I came back from Florida all stoked about my training, my nutrition and my upcoming return to the Graveyard course...

Why Everyone Can Benefit from Training Camps

Training Camps Work for Everyone Last weekend, just a few miles south of Vero Beach, Florida where many Major League Baseball teams come to shake off the cobwebs of the offseason, 14 paddle athletes converged to do the same thing. It was the first of...

Video: PNW Outrigger Canoe Downwinding Vibes on Bellingham Bay

Collin Smith’s video compilation of outrigger canoe downwinding sessions on Bellingham Bay captures not only the feel of OC paddling in the Pacific Northwest but the ohana, too.  Fun way to kick off some day-dreaming on this February day!  

Time to Toughen Up Your Paddle Hands!

This time of year we talk a lot about training....training our cardiovascular system in preparation for our planned races and events. Training our bodies with nutrition modifications. Strength training to increase our paddle power and complement our endurance.  Overall training and toughening up to be...

Video: Down Seas

Even though we do love the holiday season, it’s easy to dream of warm water and long downwind runs this time of year. Enjoy this one by Kekoa Kau...

Maliko Lessons

You think you know someone, and then they do something that just floors you, and makes you realize you probably don’t know them as well as you thought. That was my downwind run on Maliko on Maui Saturday. In the last couple of years, my downwinding...

Gear Review: O’Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit

The Surprising O’Neill Hyperfreak Wetsuit This is a review I never in a million years would have expected to write. If you know me at all, or have followed my posts here on the Mullet, you know I have always bemoaned the advent of neoprene season....

Mike Tavares: Running Cataract Canyon at 7000 CFS

Mikey T. Makes Whitewater SUP Look So Easy! Haven't gotten out on the river much at all this summer, so when Mike posts up one of his western adventures, we live vicariously! On his Facebook page, Mike explains that Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park is...

Another Casualty – Watch Over Your Ohana and Don’t Take Safety for Granted

It's with incredible sadness that another friend in our paddle community, Josh Hensley, has passed. After another paddle death, the community world-wide mourns. We just can’t believe that it happened. Regardless if you knew Josh or not, you mourn. You wonder if it could...

What’s In Your First Aid Kit?

We all know we should have one, and maybe you carry a first aid kit (FAK) in your car, or you have one in your backpack, or maybe under the sink at home. But trust me, you will never realize how much you need...

What I Learned on My Summer Vacation: Traveling Cross Country for a SUP Race

Traveling Cross Country to Race Why on earth would anyone want to load up a 14 foot downwinding board on top of a Honda Element and drive over 2,400 miles for a paddle race? One word: Adventure! After the Mullet did it last year, towing a trailer...

Mississippi Source to Sea Solo Expedition Underway

LouAnne Harris Raises fund for Rivers for Change We were first inspired by the dynamic duo of LouAnne Harris and Jules Gismondi - the Atlantic SuperGirls - about four years ago when they paddled from New York City to Miami. Harris has recently embarked on...

GB SUP – Ocean Sports, UK Celtic Cup Recap

We made the most of our vacation in the UK and our short time in Cornwall to join the wonderful group of paddlers from The Ocean Sports Centre, the host of the UK Celtic Cup in Carbis Bay in Cornwall UK. I was immediately...

Check out Rincon Beachboy SUP Race X

Check out the event on Facebook here

2019 Carolina Pro-Am:Returning to Wrightsville Beach, NC April 20-21

Carolina Pro-Am SUP Surf
South End Surf Shop proudly announces the Salt Life Carolina Pro-Am to be held on April 20-21, 2019 at Wrightsville Beach, NC. The fifth annual SUP Surf event brings together the top amateurs and the world's best sup surfers to North Carolina. This contest...
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