Beginning Racing: Your First Chattajack Race

Your First Chattajack Race Guessing that a whole host of first-time Chattajack racers  are signed up for this year’s 32-mile sojourn down the Tennessee River Gorge in October. SUP paddling is booming because of the pandemic and the race was cancelled last year because of...

StrongRabbit: Keep it REAL to Lose Weight

Hello SUP fiends and Mullet people! Last week we began our series on balancing nutrition with weight loss goals. Sooo…. Did you do your homework? If you have no idea what I’m referring to, or if the dog ate the assignment, I asked you to: 1.     Turn...

EXCLUSIVE: QuickTips from Quickblade-Larry Cain Pushup Progression

Larry Cain breaks down how to get to his level of doing the push up

Sessions: Carolina Cup Surf Session

The Day before the big Carolina Cup Race, visiting paddlers Candice Appleby, Anthony Vela, Colin McPhillips and Byron Kurt got into some great waves with their hosts, William Pope, Haywood, John and others from North Carolina. Music by Terraplane Sun

#MadeTheMullet: SUP Pups for Debbie

Our paddle friend Deb K. lost her dog Daisy this week. (Pictured above.) So sad, especially after she just got back from a superfun week at the Carolina Cup. Well, paddle people are also animal people, and suddenly all of our friends in the...

BARK: 2013 Catalina Classic from Soul Surf Media

In what can only be described as a short film, this is the 2013 Catalina Classic. I swear, I tried to trim it down, but there was so much to talk about this year with Joe's 30th, the race in general and the feat...

Safety: It Doesn’t Stop With SUPs

Teneale Hatton Gear Recommendations
A Safety Tale of Three Paddlers This summer, we wrote quite a bit about accidents involving paddlers who did not wear PFDs or leashes - but almost all of those stories involved people on standup boards.  Many of them were new to the sport.  But...

Press Release: SUP Baja! With SURFit

SURFit Adventures Invites You To Paddle In the Sea of Cortez, Baja Join SURFit Adventures for a stand up paddleboard adventure in the Sea of Cortez, Baja from October 24-28th, 2014.  This trip is perfect for beginning paddlers who want to see unique wildlife up...

StrongRabbit: 9 Strategies To Help You Rock the Clean Food Lifestyle!

Ever find yourself starving but settling for some less-than-nutritious food product that you hastily grab to avoid blacking out from hypoglycemia in your hurry to get to work / school / meeting / kids event / all of the above? Ever find yourself in...

12 tips for Stand Up Paddle surfing for the first time

These are small tips for stand up paddle surfing, not huge tips. I'm not a pro, but I've been listening and living and showing up to races and breaks. If just one of you gets stoked on the sport without pissing off the entire...

StrongRabbit: Four of My Favorite Go-To Sites for Healthy Cooking, Eating, Training, and More

This week I’m sharing four websites that will help you live healthier, and I’m betting you’ll be adding these to your fave bookmarks. What’s your go-to site for healthy living? Share with me, please! Who’s it for? The Kitchn is a great basic resource...

GoPro: Drainage Ditch Kayaking

This is today's HOW BAD COULD IT BE? video "This is sketch. I don't like this at all." Rush Sturges and Ben Marr decide to kayak a drainage ditch in Lions Bay, British Columbia. It's a 800+ meter descent, with top speeds of 72 km/hr...

Coach Victoria on Fueling Your Workouts the Right Way

Fueling your Workouts the Right Way! Hello Paddlers!! Can you believe it’s May!!! This part of the year is always interesting. Some of you are coming from a deep freeze, snow and mostly land/cardio training.  Others, like us here in Florida, have been paddling all...


Twas the night before a Distressed Christmas
Here is a "Twas the Distressed night before Christmas" adaptation by Lew Pavlovich, submitted by Julie Nicholls. Awesome. We hope you all have happy, healthy, paddle-filled holidays. Thanks Lew and Julie! We really appreciate the support and unfettered flow of aloha. —The Mullet

Staying Healthy After That Last Race

We've been hearing lots of reports from Chattajackers who either got sick soon after completing the epic Hellwinder down the Tennessee River a week ago, or who are now starting to feeling puny. So, with the caveat that we are not medical professionals here...

SUP Iceberg Golf

yes. this happened. Is SUP the new golf cart? I'm not sure how I feel about a golf course where there entire course is a water hazard outside of the greens.

Mississippi Source to Sea Solo Expedition Underway

LouAnne Harris Raises fund for Rivers for Change We were first inspired by the dynamic duo of LouAnne Harris and Jules Gismondi - the Atlantic SuperGirls - about four years ago when they paddled from New York City to Miami. Harris has recently embarked on...

Starboard Team Milford Sound 2012

The Starboard SUPSNZ crew on the road with SUP Woman of the Year Nikki Gregg, shooting for Stand Up Journal

Prone Paddleboarding 101 with Jack Bark

Joe Bark's shapes are unmistakable.  Period. When I came to my first SUP race, six years or so ago (the Cold Stroke Classic) Bark SUP boards were pretty much all I noticed. They are unmistakable too, but when I think of a classic Joe Bark...

The Other Maui Downwinder: The Kihei Run

Downwind Paddling - Kihei Side
Downwind Paddling - Kihei Side   It’s not always fun and downwinders on the North Shore of Maui. Contrary to the idealized notion that Maui’s weather is perennially perfect and so much more consistent than conditions anywhere else on the the planet, sometimes Maliko is a...

Expedition: Starting with some new food options from Patagonia Tsampa Soup

I don't think I've watched a movie that's made me want to go out and buy camp food for dinner until I watched this. After seeing Jules and Louanne (SUPerGirls) come through Wrightsville Beach, NC on their expedition from NY to Key West, FL, I...

SUP South Silver from Huckin Huge

Fletcher Burton stand up paddling (SUP) South Silver Creek in California. Video of Fletcher Burton’s epic stand up paddling (SUP) descent of South Silver Creek’s 600 foot per mile section. South Silver has always allured whitewater enthusiasts to it’s granite paradise of waterfalls and slides....

So You Wanna SUP Surf?

DISCLAIMER: THE ABOVE IS NOT ME. IT IS APRIL. Also, this was originally posted in 2013, but it is still relevant. Because, well, the ocean is still the ocean. I'm pretty sure I've read almost every surfish book published within the last 5-8 years. When I...

Surfski Bucket List Destination: The Miller’s Run

Miller's Run: Epic Downwinding
The Miller's Run: Epic Downwinding The Miller's Run is an epic downwinder through False Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. It is one of the runs of legend, not unlike Molokai to Oahu. Here's how Epic Kayak describes it, from a post on their website: "The Miller’s...

The Inland Paddler: I Mean, Inland, Really Inland

Normally, "inland" for me means about 100 miles from the coast of North Carolina, where the red clay shoreline gives way to sweet tea colored water, ringed by long and short leaf pines and hardwoods. Where great blue herons and beavers express their disdain...
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