Surfski Bucket List Destination: The Miller’s Run

Miller's Run: Epic Downwinding
The Miller's Run: Epic Downwinding The Miller's Run is an epic downwinder through False Bay in Cape Town, South Africa. It is one of the runs of legend, not unlike Molokai to Oahu. Here's how Epic Kayak describes it, from a post on their website: "The Miller’s...

‘Roundin’ Cape Henry from Frank Lundy

A Paddleboarding Downwinder on Saturday, 12/22/12 with a 25-30 Kt NW Wind, This is through the "Transition Zone" where the Chesapeake Bay unloads into the Atlantic. Mean while, there was a Small Craft Advisory and the Surf Zone was useless.

Quickblade: Have Fun: Afternoon Downwind by Soul Surf Media

A little Sunday afternoon fun with Jimmy and the guys. Quick video and stills shot by Elizabeth Terrell with music by James Mason (

Downwind Surfing out of Maliko Gulch by Paddle With Riggs

The wind was blowing 20-30mph. Conditions were perfect for surfing open ocean swells down the coast of Maui on an unlimited board from S.I.C. This video was shot with an Ion Air Pro. Music by Jake Shimabukuro

Hood River Gorge Downwinder on the Surftech Bark Downwinder

Got to test out the Surftech Bark Downwinder that'll be available as a production board in 2015. Morgan Hoesterey took me out with some of the Surftech crew. I had so much fun. Wait on it. Get one. I also tried a prototype fin...

Maliko Downwinder Seas 10-12ft by Paddle With Riggs

Open ocean surfing on the Maui Maliko run!

Hone your Downwind Skills with Maui’s Maliko Masters

Maui Dream Retreat 2017
Maui Dream Retreat 2017 Looking to polish up your downwind skills? Check out this Maui Dream Retreat.  You can spend April 25-30 learning from the Maliko Masters - Suzie Cooney, Zane Schweitzer and Jeremy Riggs.   All leading up to the Olukai Ho'olaule'a race -...

Maui Paddle Championships – Maliko Run 2013

Check out the Maliko Run. Great footage from a kite view by Tiago Candelot

Dave Kalama, Livio Menelau & Devin Blish Maliko SUP Downwind Maui by standupzone dotcom

Dave Kalama, Livio Menelau & Devin Blish Maliko SUP Downwind Maui

Wanna Go For A Ride? Dave Kalama Downwinder Video

Dave Kalama runs Maliko to Kahului Harbor.

Video: Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Prone Downwinding   We l0ve this video edit of the prone downwinding by Frank Lundy!        

Photos: Austin Kieffer and Carter Johnson insane Downwind Conditions 2 hours N of San Francisco

Vortex Events / Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson, race director of the Gorge Downwind Championships in Hood River just posted these shots of his downwinder adventure with Austin Kieffer. The downwind run was from Salt Point to Duncan, 2 hours North of San Francisco. According to Carter, "...this was big. I made...

Hong Kong SUP Downwind Aug 2013

South China Sea - Tai Tam Bay - SIC F16. Wind SSW 25-30kph

Video:: Millers Run from Massimiliano Fortunato

I never get tired of Miller's Run Downwind videos. It's the stuff dreams are made of...

SUP Downwinding Checklist: Catching Bumps and Staying Safe

SUP Downwinding Checklist - What You'll Need to Start What is Downwinding? Downwinding is a specialized form a paddling that can be done on a sup, prone paddle board, or in an outrigger canoe or surf ski.  And it might be some of the most fun...

Reading the Water with Oscar Chalupsky – Downwind Surf Ski Technique

Downwind Surf Ski Skills Reading the water and the bumps is a key skill when it comes to learning how to downwind - regardless of whether your are paddling SUP, OC or surf ski.  In this video from Epic Kayaks, surf ski icon Oscar Chalupsky...

Maliko Downwind run, Maui. March 22nd, 2012 Part 1 by Rain Waves

This is the first 1/3 of my SUP paddle adventure, doing the famous Maliko downwind run on the North shore of Maui. Many thanks to Bill Boyum for taking me along, and waiting patiently for me to catch up after many, many falls!

Notes from Maui: Foil SUP Boards

Foiled Again! Since my last visit  almost a year ago, the number of foil boards you might strapped on the back of a pick-up truck or in the water here on Maui seems to have increased. The foil looks like a model airplane on a...

Maliko For Lunch from Paddle With Riggs

Jeremy's at it again. Just when you thought the trade winds were gone and summer was in full glow in Maui, Jeremy is dropping into bombs in Maliko. If you are inspired to learn how to downwind or open ocean surf, Jeremy's the guy...

April Zilg: When We Tried to Kill Lexy (Because Katie was Busy)

“C’mon, it’ll be fun!” we said.  “It builds character and a strong soul,” we continued. Finally, Lexy agreed to follow us into the open ocean. Why do I say, “Because Katie was busy?” Is it because if Katie wasn’t busy editing her pot book would...

More Foiling on Maliko

Kalama Foils Down Maliko Legend Dave Kalama joins Finn Spencer in a foil run down Maliko on Maui with the GoFoil. Yep.  Looks like this is definitely becoming a thing! Video by Alex Aguera.

Maliko rushes by nick moloney

Training on Maui for the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddle Race 2012

Maliko with Onshore Winds and a North Swell

Maliko run with north winds and a north swell. Paddling S.I.C. stand up paddle boards with rudder systems.
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