Claw Hammer Banjo Playing on a Stand Up Paddle Board

This is Darrell Kirk. He says "Lots of firsts in the stand up paddle board community. Here's another first—Claw Hammer Banjo Playing on a Stand Up Paddle Board. Seattle, Washington February 22, 2015" Impressive!

Payette River Games: Best Mullet on the River

Dr. Leif has the world's most EPIC Mullet. Tallest standing, most awesome mullet in the universe from the Payette River Games.

Ridiculously Awesome Rollerskate-Surfing on a Stand Up Paddle Board At Capitola

This is a laugh out loud video about two grown men who try to wear roller skates while trying to Stand Up Paddle Board. What they get up to is amazing and the fact they manage to surf a little is unbelievable. The physics...

How many gadgets can you get on Annabel’s Lahui Kai? Contest

Annabel Anderson's Signature Model from Lahui Kai
Answer this question: How many gadgets can you get on Annabel's signature Lahui Kai touring board? Take a guess. One guess per person. Contest closes Thursday, April 16 at noon EST. Guesses HAVE TO BE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, ON THIS POST. It's kind of a...

Surfing with SUP the dog

Short Description SportsceneTV


The more we get together, Together, together, The more we get together, The happier we'll be. -Raffi On Sunday, I found myself paddling along and humming this tune by the famous Raffi. Of all the songs to get stuck in my head, this Pre-school chart topper was pretty random because my...

Summertime Hours

On May 1st, we hit the reset button for our 100/100 Paddle Challenge Facebook group. We started tracking summertime paddling hours vs. winter miles. Hours are harder. Any hours on the water whether it be sup fishing, sup surfing, sup family time, or prone...


I love Shred Dog. Shredder is Mike Tavares' water dog. He adopted him in Chattanooga before the first Chattajack 31 and neither of them knew how much they'd won the lottery.  

SUP POLO: Coming to lake near you?

SUP Polo World Games Mexico - Highlights Day 1 from Paddle Surf Mexico  

Spring Training with Quickblade

Larry, Jimmy, and friends train. Don't try this at home.

Throwdown at the Showdown

Annabel Anderson Ultimate SUP Showdown
It had the makings of a SUP promoter's dream. Combine surfing with racing, pit the world’s best of both, set it on the stage of Queens at Waikiki Beach in front of the Duke Kahanamoku statue in August and have it added to the Dukes...

Who’s Your 100/100 Daddy? 2Fer Paddle Challenge Update

Chucktown Showdown Course
The 100/100 facebook training group is well into our third challenge with the thirty day marker coinciding with this weekend’s (Sept 13th) Chucktown Showdown in Charleston, South Carolina. There will be hundreds, thousands, millions of 100/100’s there! Ok, maybe only ten or twenty. One...

Where We Like to Stand Up Paddle

The 100/100 paddlers are a hardworking bunch, paddling and posting and recording their miles. This challenge, started by Julie Nicholls, got everyone out on the water last winter (2014) and just keeps getting people out on the water, despite their work schedules, despite the...

Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 10 Outrigger Episode

The maniacs at Carolina Paddleboard Company are back at it. This time it's on outriggers with Johnny Puakea.

WE WANT YOU in 2015! 100/100 Paddle Challenge starts January 1st

All I wanna do is have a little fun, I have a feeling I’m not the only one, the party has just begun….. What? The 100/100 Paddle Challenge starts January 1st. I want you to paddle 100 miles in 100 days WITH me. You, and you,...

Yukon SUPDate: RACE IS ON!

Kim and Ben got to Whitehorse in the Yukon at around 2am EST after a full day of traveling on Friday. She said "It was 11 pm our time and the sun was still out!" She also said "I feel like I'm on the...

The X SUP Games: In person!

You get a MUCH better sense of how this works from the video!

Starboard SUP Polo The future of SUP

A worlds first, Starboard have launched the first SUP Polo field to host the game in full action. Connor Baxter and Chris Parker from tested the field with the first match in Bangkok. See Polo boards here : See Polo paddles here : For full...

100/100 Paddle Challenge Sponsored by Distressed Mullet

The 100/100 paddle challenge started the ugly and uglier winter of 2013 when I needed motivation to get my a** on the water and get ready to race at the 2014 Carolina Cup. I needed gullible training partners who’d be willing to suck it...

404 SUP – A Training Session w/ Danny Ching

Still funny, no matter how many times you watch!

Shawna Del Valle: Six of 100 Miles

Wishing you were paddling and not sitting at your desk, freezing your arse off or digging your car out of snow? Watch 100/100 paddler Shawna Del Valle's happy SUP video. You'll feel better immediately!

Epic Mullet Domination at the Payette River Games

Dr Leif Keeps the Mullet alive at the Payette River Games in Cascade, Idaho.


Interview with Shane Ebrahimi of SHABOOMEE SUP in colorado answering the question, "What is SHABOOMEE!?" from the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Utah. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SHABOOMEE SUP On Facebook: Go to On twitter: FOR MORE GEAR AND EVENT SUP INFO, FOLLOW THE MULLET On Twitter: On Instagram:...

Again with the picture stealing

What's up in the SUP world? Here's a sampling of what went down this weekend, according to your facebook feeds. Yep, we stole your pictures again! ***** Bailey Rosen paddled the Maui to Molokai race yesterday! Jeanine from Seastar Paddleboards for Kids spent the day with her...

Halloween Standup Paddleboard Fun

FREAKY FLOTILLA Check out more photos and tag yourself on Carolina Paddleboard Company's Facebook page here Fun stuff from Instagram and beyond Olaf and the hotdog paddleboard sesh. #paddleboard #paddleboarding #SUP #sunrisepaddleboards #SOFLO #standuppaddleboard #suplife #watersports #suptime #supfun #supforsale #floridasaltlife #isup #ipaddleboard #supyoga #paddleboardyoga #supinstructor #paddleboardinstructor #myjob...
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