Pockets Full of Sand: Bodysurfing on July 4th

When the surf zones are packed, grab the hand plane and fins, bodysurf, and become one of the torpedo people in Wrightsville Beach, NC

The First Annual Epic Mulletkai Meetup: A fun paddle, run, paddle

James Bain texted me this week. "Are you up for a challenge?" "Sure." That's how crazy things tend to start. "We do a graveyard paddle on Saturday, followed by the half marathon, followed by a graveyard paddle. Kind of our version of what they do in Catalina." You see, we've...

Lessons from the Water: Archie Kalepa at TEDxMaui 2013

This is a repost for this weekend, but one I LOVE. Recently inducted into the Hawai'i Watermen's Hall of Fame, fifth-generation Lahaina resident and Lahainaluna graduate Archie Kalepa is one of Hawai'i's greatest ocean sports pioneers. A legendary big-wave surfer, Archie is one of a...

Payette River Games: Best Mullet on the River

Dr. Leif has the world's most EPIC Mullet. Tallest standing, most awesome mullet in the universe from the Payette River Games.

Throwdown at the Showdown

Annabel Anderson Ultimate SUP Showdown
It had the makings of a SUP promoter's dream. Combine surfing with racing, pit the world’s best of both, set it on the stage of Queens at Waikiki Beach in front of the Duke Kahanamoku statue in August and have it added to the Dukes...

Year in Review: The 2013 Reel from Fin Film Company

A look back at the people, places and events of a wonderful year - 2013

Again with the picture stealing

What's up in the SUP world? Here's a sampling of what went down this weekend, according to your facebook feeds. Yep, we stole your pictures again! ***** Bailey Rosen paddled the Maui to Molokai race yesterday! Jeanine from Seastar Paddleboards for Kids spent the day with her...

100/100 Paddle Challenge (Almost) March 2014 Update

(Above photo from Coral Hine) We have a Winner! Our paddle challenge, 100 miles in 100 days, has taken on a life of its own. Even though it’s an unofficial event, we already have a winner! Susan Beck Ballenger of South Carolina reached 100.93 miles on...

#MadeTheMullet: SUP Pups for Debbie

Our paddle friend Deb K. lost her dog Daisy this week. (Pictured above.) So sad, especially after she just got back from a superfun week at the Carolina Cup. Well, paddle people are also animal people, and suddenly all of our friends in the...

Yukon SUPDate: They saw a moose!

The Yukon 1000 Canoe, Kayak, and NOW SUP race got underway on Monday at 2pm. When Kim Sutton and Ben Friberg left the riverbanks in Whitehorse, there was a lot of skepticism from other paddlers: you're doing THIS ON THAT? Why would you want to...

Who’s Your 100/100 Daddy? 2Fer Paddle Challenge Update

Chucktown Showdown Course
The 100/100 facebook training group is well into our third challenge with the thirty day marker coinciding with this weekend’s (Sept 13th) Chucktown Showdown in Charleston, South Carolina. There will be hundreds, thousands, millions of 100/100’s there! Ok, maybe only ten or twenty. One...

Go Because You Can: Monster & Sea

There's this t-shirt that The Mullet always wears. It has a sea monster horse dragony thing on it and it says "GO BECAUSE YOU CAN." I asked him about it one day and he said, "Oh this? I saw them on Instagram and I liked...

Sternwheel SUP Surfing

Sternwheel SUP Surfing the Columbia Gorge with Mike Tavares and Dan Gavere. Mike T was surfing the Badfish 12.6 MVP by Boardworks Surf. The sternwheel allows for up to 2 hours of continuous surfing if the conditions are right and you are up to...

100/100 Paddle Challenge Sponsored by Distressed Mullet

The 100/100 paddle challenge started the ugly and uglier winter of 2013 when I needed motivation to get my a** on the water and get ready to race at the 2014 Carolina Cup. I needed gullible training partners who’d be willing to suck it...

HULA: Art from a SUP

Sean Yoro the NY artist known as #hula paints amazing portraits from his #paddleboard on abandoned, broken walls-- article from the Huffington Post, written by Carla Herreria. The portraits are simply spectacular. I can't imagine paddling past these hauntingly beautiful women emerging from the...

April’s Viral Lost GoPro Video

The video that was heard around the world. Well, until Vimeo took it down. April is currently in India, and reporting in occasionally on what she's doing. A week or so ago she lost her GoPro while surfing. The camera stayed on for four...

404 SUP – A Training Session w/ Danny Ching

Still funny, no matter how many times you watch!

Ultimate SUP Challenge 2014 Recap Video from Distressed Mullet

Race organizers Harmony Dawn from UrbanOcean and Starboard Team Manager, Dan Gavere, put on the Ultimate SUP Challenge: an amazing multi-day camping, whitewater and flatwater event with the help of volunteers, family and friends.

Dog Paddleboarding

Short Description from South Florida News Service

GoPro: Drainage Ditch Kayaking

This is today's HOW BAD COULD IT BE? video "This is sketch. I don't like this at all." Rush Sturges and Ben Marr decide to kayak a drainage ditch in Lions Bay, British Columbia. It's a 800+ meter descent, with top speeds of 72 km/hr...

Yukon SUPDate: RACE IS ON!

Kim and Ben got to Whitehorse in the Yukon at around 2am EST after a full day of traveling on Friday. She said "It was 11 pm our time and the sun was still out!" She also said "I feel like I'm on the...

SUP Iceberg Golf

yes. this happened. Is SUP the new golf cart? I'm not sure how I feel about a golf course where there entire course is a water hazard outside of the greens.

Spring Training with Quickblade

Larry, Jimmy, and friends train. Don't try this at home.

Claw Hammer Banjo Playing on a Stand Up Paddle Board

This is Darrell Kirk. He says "Lots of firsts in the stand up paddle board community. Here's another first—Claw Hammer Banjo Playing on a Stand Up Paddle Board. Seattle, Washington February 22, 2015" Impressive!

View from the Back: Fitness with Chris

Chris Aguilar Prone
[EDITOR'S NOTE: I share my column space with only one other person. My brotha from anotha motha, Chris Aguilar. Please welcome him back, writing-wise. Great story! ~Katie) Yesterday my mom was telling me about two of her staff who just got into SUP and that...
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