100/100 Update

Above photo by Chandler Bold. WHAT is It? The 100 miles in 100 days paddle challenge started on Saturday, January 18th,  with an open facebook group. It’s a virtual community of seventy-eight (yes, 78!) paddlers looking for incentives to get on the water. For me, it’s...

Claw Hammer Banjo Playing on a Stand Up Paddle Board

This is Darrell Kirk. He says "Lots of firsts in the stand up paddle board community. Here's another first—Claw Hammer Banjo Playing on a Stand Up Paddle Board. Seattle, Washington February 22, 2015" Impressive!

Photos from Day 2 of the 2014 Carolina Cup

Friday at the Carolina Cup 2014 was epic, and it wasn't even race day! There were demos, clinics, a Paddle Out for Bob Risner, a Senior Prom, and more!  Check out the gallery here.   Great photos from Kelsey Callahan

Manno PaddleBoarding

What do MotoCross Champs do for recovery?? ..... Go paddle boarding of course. From Ocean Sports Media

Inland Paddler: Lisa Schell on her Falls Lake Adventure

I whine a lot about living inland.   No surf, no current, no ocean chop, no downwinders. Can’t really practice for the “real” paddling and racing that takes place on the coast.  Can’t just run out the front door and be on the water in...

100/100 Paddle Challenge (Almost) March 2014 Update

(Above photo from Coral Hine) We have a Winner! Our paddle challenge, 100 miles in 100 days, has taken on a life of its own. Even though it’s an unofficial event, we already have a winner! Susan Beck Ballenger of South Carolina reached 100.93 miles on...

Happy 4th of July

For those of you still in harm's way, I hope you stay safe, keep your heads down, and wait it out. For those of you who have clear skies, get out on the water, ride a wave, meander downstream, hit the rapids, float on...

Yukon Ho! Kim and Ben jet to Whitehorse for the Yukon 1000

Alrighty folks. Over the next two weeks you're gonna wanna stay tuned right here to Distressed Mullet for the exclusive coverage of Kim and Ben while they embark on the Yukon 1000 race in Canada and Alaska. When I said "Let's go for a 1,000...

And Another Thing with Julie Nicholls: “Paddlesourcing”

There’s crowd-sourcing, out-sourcing and bob-sourcing; now there’s paddle-sourcing. It may not be an actual Webster defined term, but who cares, I just made it up. By my own definition, it’s the act of using online SUP resources to figure out how-to and where-to paddle...

Best of 2010 Helen Woodward Surf Dog Surfing Contest SoCalBeachesMagazin

Check out some amazing doggie surfers and the awesome dog owners and families who particapated in the 5th Annual Surf Dog Surf a Thon at Dog Beach in Del Mar Sept. 12. The event raises money for animal adoption and education programs. For more...

DANCE PARTY! Key West Paddleboard Classic 2014

Your last chance to see John dance on camera. And a bunch of other hijinks.

404 SUP – A Training Session w/ Danny Ching

Still funny, no matter how many times you watch!

Oriental to Beaufort 2014: O2B

This story begins in the middle of the summer as my paddle sessions increased in time and distance. I wanted a distance race to train for but unable to attend Chattajack 31, I decided to create my own distance event, a paddle from my...


The more we get together, Together, together, The more we get together, The happier we'll be. -Raffi On Sunday, I found myself paddling along and humming this tune by the famous Raffi. Of all the songs to get stuck in my head, this Pre-school chart topper was pretty random because my...

Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 1

Join the Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew to see what a day in the life of a paddler is like. Learning new techniques, sharing paddling with kids, trying out new equipment, and eating right are just a few aspects of the paddler lifestyle that can...

Cousin Mullet Reviews the World (of SUP): Patty Reviewing the Quickblade V Drive

This is not actually my review of the V Drive paddle. It is my review of my friend Patty reviewing the V Drive paddle. Patty gets 1 out of five paddles for the specificity of her review (not thorough). But she gets five out of...

Everything that’s magical about stand up paddling and kids

We just loved this and thought you would, too. Stand up paddling and kids: the perfect combination.   // Post by Mark Kalch.

#MadeTheMullet: SUP Pups for Debbie

Our paddle friend Deb K. lost her dog Daisy this week. (Pictured above.) So sad, especially after she just got back from a superfun week at the Carolina Cup. Well, paddle people are also animal people, and suddenly all of our friends in the...

Sup? A glossary of words related to Stand Up Paddling*

If you're learning to stand up paddleboard you're going to need to learn some important jargon in order to talk with other paddlers. Here are the most important terms you memorize immediately. SUP dawg: A dog on a paddleboard. That is the only acceptable use of...

Photo Gallery: Winter Wonderland

Winter Paddle Warriors The members of the Paddle Monster 100 Day Paddle Challenge Facebook group are a hearty bunch! Here are just a few examples of these paddle warriors battling the elements on what has already been called one of the coldest winters in quite...

King of Wrightsville Beach Biathlon: No Paddling Required

I don't usually post events that are unrelated to paddling, but when I do, I think of something witty to write that would make it sound like a Dos Equis commercial. This event is brought to you by good friends of the Distressed Mullet: The...

Dog Paddleboard from MatuliSurfboards

Short Descriptionfrom MatuliSurfboards

The next BIG thing in SUP… Monster SUP Relay in Costa Brava Spain

The Starboard crew unleashes the next BIG thing in the world of Stand Up Paddle at the World dealer meeting in Costa Brava Spain, September 2014.
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