#MadeTheMullet: SUP Pups for Debbie

Our paddle friend Deb K. lost her dog Daisy this week. (Pictured above.) So sad, especially after she just got back from a superfun week at the Carolina Cup. Well, paddle people are also animal people, and suddenly all of our friends in the...

SUP POLO: Coming to lake near you?

SUP Polo World Games Mexico - Highlights Day 1 from Paddle Surf Mexico  

How many gadgets can you get on Annabel’s Lahui Kai? Contest

Annabel Anderson's Signature Model from Lahui Kai
Answer this question: How many gadgets can you get on Annabel's signature Lahui Kai touring board? Take a guess. One guess per person. Contest closes Thursday, April 16 at noon EST. Guesses HAVE TO BE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, ON THIS POST. It's kind of a...

Oriental to Beaufort 2014: O2B

This story begins in the middle of the summer as my paddle sessions increased in time and distance. I wanted a distance race to train for but unable to attend Chattajack 31, I decided to create my own distance event, a paddle from my...

We just want to say that Mickey Muñoz is amazing

Mike Muir from Riviera Paddle Surf sent me this photo this morning. What a gift. "We should all aspire to be doing what Mickey is doing at 76." I'm a huge Mickey Muñoz fan, and not just because he was Gidget's stunt double. He's everything that's awesome about the...

Why We Paddle

We paddle for many of the same reasons. It's what makes paddling so unique. Follow the series. Follow the who series on Distressed Mullet Instagram:  http://instagram.com/distressedmullet Or on Twitter: @supmullet Or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DistressedMullet And start thinking about why you paddle, what you love, what makes it unique. #whywepaddle

Baby Mullet Gets a Wave

Short DescriptionThank you to Stacey Pinno WECT/Fox Wilmington for the footage

404 SUP – A Training Session w/ Danny Ching

Still funny, no matter how many times you watch!

Ha ha need sleep

The Mullets have been doing some server maintenance this week and that's kept them up past their bedtimes. (Well, John, anyway. I have no excuse other than reading crap on my phone until way late.) So this morning when I was looking around at...

QuickBlade launches new stand up paddle board to devour existing brands

QuickBlade Gator
One of the keys to the success of this board is it helps paddlers go from the stock division to 14, to unlimited in 2-6 seasons. The board grows with the paddler.—Jimmy Terrell The QB Gator comes in a 12'6" which grows to a 14' in 2...

Throwdown at the Showdown

Annabel Anderson Ultimate SUP Showdown
It had the makings of a SUP promoter's dream. Combine surfing with racing, pit the world’s best of both, set it on the stage of Queens at Waikiki Beach in front of the Duke Kahanamoku statue in August and have it added to the Dukes...


Interview with Shane Ebrahimi of SHABOOMEE SUP in colorado answering the question, "What is SHABOOMEE!?" from the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Utah. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SHABOOMEE SUP On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scareemary Go to http://www.shaboomee.com/ On twitter: https://twitter.com/shaboomee FOR MORE GEAR AND EVENT SUP INFO, FOLLOW THE MULLET On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/supmullet On Instagram:...
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