Yoga in Thailand with Kelly Huck, Starboard Ambassador

Editor’s Note:Seems like yoga has enraptured, rejuvenated and inspirated many paddlers lately, and rightly so.  Here’s the experience Starboard SUP Yoga Ambassador Kelly Huck of SoCal Paddle Yoga in Mission Viejo, CA had on a recent trip to Chumphon, Thailand, where she took a break from her...

How to do a SUP Yoga Sun Salutation from Katie Collins

Katie Collins SUP Yoga Sun Salutation
Surya Namaskar Basics - Sun Salutation A By: BOGAYOGA ambassador Katie Collins Grab your board and BEGIN Sometimes the hardest part is waking up…loading the board and driving to the lake, but then I find my intention “wake up an hour early to live an hour more.” Tadasana:...

Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Paddlers with Seychelle

Yoga with Seychelle
Yoga with Seychelle Take a look at Paddle Monster Coach Seychelle's yoga flow ( series of poses) that will not only loosen you up but also help you strengthen up your whole body. Coach Seychelle's yoga series is available on the Paddle Monster Training Platform. Join...

NEW: Yoga Mat Paddleboard from Riviera

Riviera Paddlesurf announces addition of new Yoga Board to the line By Taylor Rambo July 23, 2013 San Clemente, Ca Locally owned Riviera Paddlesurf announced today that it will be unveiling a new Yoga Paddleboard at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Utah on July 31st. . We have...

Gillian Gibree on Standup Paddle Yoga

 If it is a sport that can be done in the ocean, chances are, professional Standup Paddler Gillian Gibree does it. A Cape Cod native, Gillian has been competing in ocean sports for most of her life and seems to be more comfortable on...

Talking about SUP Yoga with Boga Yoga’s Sarah Callaham

We were able to float and talk on the Payette River in Cascade, Idaho with Boga Yoga's Sarah Callaham. Sarah answers basic questions on doing yoga on a paddleboard and why the on-the-water practice is so fulfilling. For more information on Sarah, go to: For...

Oh, oh Mexico!: Take a trip with the Mullet and the 100/100 Challenge

It's cold. It's freezing in much of the US.  Wouldn't a tropical break be nice? Allow us to suggest an awesome break on the Pacific side of Mexico with the  Wave of Wellness crew.  Just read this - dare you to say you don't...

Starboard’s SUP Yoga, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced videos

sup yoga
Beginner Ever wanted to try SUP Yoga? Watch Dashama & Sean Poytner run you through our Beginners video! Intermediate Dashama & Sean Poytner take it up a level with our SUP Yoga Intermediate Video. Advanced Once you're comfortable with our Beginner and Intermediate videos, try out our Advanced Yoga...

How To Do Warrior 2 on a Paddleboard

From San Diego Paddle Yoga,

SUP Spokane: SUP Yoga paddles into Spokane

SUP Spokane
It's so cool to see SUP get local coverage. In this clip, KREM2 Spokane's Jenica Villamor learned first-hand the fun and challenges of doing yoga on board. Lacy Gannon and Sara Murphy from SUP Spokane take walked her through the basics of paddling, then...

Lazy Dog PaddleYoga Teacher Training

We have been running year-round for 5 years strong, and would like to share all that we have learned through our ACE PaddleYoga Certification. Key West Paddleboard Yoga began in August 2008 when local yoga instructor Tara McCabe and Lazy Dog owner Sue Cooper...

How To Do Headstand 2 Ways on a Paddleboard

From San Diego Paddle Yoga For more information, go to:

Jeramie Vaine class 3 whitewater headstand at the Payette River Games

Boga Board and Werner Paddle's Jeramie Vaine does an amazing headstand into a class 3 rapids at the Payette River Games at Kelly's Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho.

Standup Paddle Yoga on the Boardworks Joyride

Standup Paddle Yoga from Boardworks Surf

How To Do Sun Salute ‘A’ on a Paddleboard

From San Diego Paddle Yoga For more information, go to:

Mind Body Sup Connection? Take This Survey!

Sup mind body spirit survey
Mullet Central got this note  from SUP Nurse Sue, who is doing research on the effects of stand up paddling on the mind, body and spirit. We're guessing she'll simply quantify what we already know, so let's help give her the data! SUP Nurse Sue...

SUP Yoga on Today Show Health’s list of FADS to get rid of in 2014

Today Health came out with the top fitness fads that should go away in 2014 and guess what? SUP Yoga was on the list between pole dancing and gas-mask training. Granted, it's listed as a Yoga Mashup, in other words, things people impose on...

Yoga on a paddleboard?!

Yoga on a stand up paddle board video Don't try this at home. Chris—stick to swimming. Paddle Board Yoga is the style of yoga dashama created for surfers and fitness/health enthusiasts who love to try new things and strengthen their core, balance and have fun!...

Seychelle hosts Facebook Live today: Finding Zen

In this episode, Seychelle gives some tips on staying calm in turbulent times

Video: Coach Seychelle Guides You Through Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety with Coach Seychelle covers a great Yoga session to calm you down in this Facebook Live from April 25th, 2020.

Gentle Yoga for Paddlers session with Coach Seychelle

Coach Seychelle hosts a paddle lovers yoga session on Facebook Live.
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