Whitewater SUP and Leashes

Leashes in whitewater
by Trey Knight The topic of leashes in whitewater paddling on a SUP is complicated, unique and a personal choice. I hope to bring some new perspective to people’s view on this and help them increase their sphere of awareness on the river. This article...

Luke Hopkins River SUP at Howard’s Plunge on the Payette River

We’re at nearly 6000 feet above sea level. Foggy tendrils reach up from the river into the colder morning air. The fog bank nests in the crux of a small group of mountains. I can make out an occasional cow, signs reading “In beloved...

All the Gear and No Idea: Annabel Anderson reflects on the Payette River Games

Annabel Anderson Payette River Games
Have you ever walked past your corner coffee shop and noticed the daily morning posse of neon middle aged lycra clad men with a car yard’s worth of carbon fiber leaning against the window front? There’s team kit, space age eye wear and a...

Mikey T from LS3 Aerial in Durango, Colorado on the Animas River

Michael Tavares getting it done for Badfish SUP in Durango, Colorado. Animas River, Smelter 2500 cfs.

Jeramie Vaine class 3 whitewater headstand at the Payette River Games

Boga Board and Werner Paddle's Jeramie Vaine does an amazing headstand into a class 3 rapids at the Payette River Games at Kelly's Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho.

Dan Gavere paddling staircase on lower South Fork

Amazing footage by from LS3 Aerial of Dan Gavere standup paddling staircase on lower South Fork.

River Dancing–with Annabel Anderson at the Payette River Games

Man-o-man…welcome to Kook Central. You may normally expect such a place to be situated nearer the coast, but this week Kook Central is definitely as far from the ocean as you could potentially get. Yes, we’re in the middle of America, transplanted in the ‘blink-and-you-miss-it’...

First look at the C4 Opea with Trey Knight at the USNWC

The River Pro Opae 8'6 Description: Our most high-performance iSUP for river surfing, rapid riding and ocean surfing for the intermediate, and advanced riders weighing 155, 175 and 215 lbs. respectively. This board is wide enough to handle the roughest waters, but has the short profile...

Paddleboarding The Upper Green River

Green River Games Athletes Ben Moore and Trey Knight give us a tour featuring SUP on the Upper Green River in Saluda NC.

Some fun whitewater stand up paddling from the UK

A quick white water run and river surf on local river. @redpaddleco flow 9'6" UK www.activeadventuresw.co.uk

Chattooga III-IV SUP Descent from Trey Knight by Mitch Davis

This is from Trey Knight at the USNWC in Charlotte. He lead this recent trip down Section 4 of the Chattooga River.  This river is a SE classic whitewater run that has seldom been attempted by SUP.  This is a big move forward in the...

Check out the C4 Waterman Opae Inflatable SUP at the USNWC

This video is by Trey Knight at the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) in Charlotte, NC. It looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait to go back. Waiting on my helmet and PFD. Any day now. The new C4 Waterman Opae is the board for...

Whitewater SUP at the USNWC in Charlotte

This video is by Claxton Baer at the US National Whitewater Center (USNWC) in Charlotte, NC. How much fun does this run look? Whitewater sup usnwc big drop 8-14 by Claxton Baer For more information on the USNWC, go to: http://usnwc.org  

Whitewater SUP – Stand Up Paddleboarding on the Colorado River

It's like walking on water, only better. That's the sensation that drove Vail Valley local Ken Hoeve to pioneer the growing sport of whitewater SUP, also known as river SUP. It's a high-octane variation of the SUP that’s traditionally been done in Colorado—and from...

A Different kind of training day on the Snoqualmie River

This is from our friends Joel, Maia, Coli and Grandbaba (David) Yang with The Village of Stoke. This gallery of them experiencing the Snoqualmie River is why we think they embody the joy of this standup paddling. We love them and this gallery is just one...

Grand Canyon SUP – GRANDEST OF GRAND – T’ashii

Our buddy Emre Bosut from the west coast of Canada sent this to us. We're going to meet up with him next summer at Owl Rafting and the Ultimate SUP Challenge in Ottawa. This is a whitewater documentary of the Emre and the Owl rafting...

Sternwheel SUP Surfing

Sternwheel SUP Surfing the Columbia Gorge with Mike Tavares and Dan Gavere. Mike T was surfing the Badfish 12.6 MVP by Boardworks Surf. The sternwheel allows for up to 2 hours of continuous surfing if the conditions are right and you are up to...

How to river surf: River Surfing Basics with Mike Tavares from CKS

Boardworks Surf Pro Mike Tavares talks you through some basic tips for how to river surf on a standup paddleboard. Stay tuned to badfishsup.com and boardworkssurf.com for more tips.

Ultimate SUP Challenge 2014 Recap Video from Distressed Mullet

Race organizers Harmony Dawn from UrbanOcean and Starboard Team Manager, Dan Gavere, put on the Ultimate SUP Challenge: an amazing multi-day camping, whitewater and flatwater event with the help of volunteers, family and friends.

Yukon SUPDate: RACE IS ON!

Kim and Ben got to Whitehorse in the Yukon at around 2am EST after a full day of traveling on Friday. She said "It was 11 pm our time and the sun was still out!" She also said "I feel like I'm on the...

New River Surfing Trick-Zack Frontside 360 from Badfish SUP

Badfish SUP co-owner and shaper is a super creative river surfer, taking his years of surfing and skateboarding experience and always searching for the next river surfing trick. He figured out the frontside 360 spin this summer and is still the only one sticking...

Colorado River Surfing With Badfish SUP

A session with team Badfish SUP surfing the Glenwood Springs Wave on the Colorado River during high flows in the summer of 2014. The team is surfing the wave on the 6'11 and 8' River Surfers. www.badfishsup.com shot and edited by Heather Jackson

G-Form at the H20 Overdrive Summer Series stand up paddling race

On July 28-29, Parker Brown, David Brownschidle and Mike Girard, known together as the "G-Form Swarm," attended the H20 Overdrive Summer Series in Park City, Utah. This two-day Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) event included both flat-water and river races, held at the the picturesque Jordanelle...

Expedition: SUP Iowa Driftless from Kip Hoffmann

Paddlers: Kip Hoffmann and Jordan Carr Boards: Glide SUP Quest 12'6"

Standup Paddle Board Adventure In the Land of Big Salmon and Lewis and Clark

Flying down the Columbia River from Stevenson, Washington to Bonneville Dam.
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