Surfski Monday: The Doctor Downwind Race 2017 Edition

The Doctor Downwinder As a fan of the long-running BBC TV show “Doctor Who”, the title of this race has always grabbed me...but it’s definitely a Bucket List race for all the right reasons, the name aside.  Here’s a look at last year’s course from...

Prone Paddleboarding 101 with Jack Bark

Joe Bark's shapes are unmistakable.  Period. When I came to my first SUP race, six years or so ago (the Cold Stroke Classic) Bark SUP boards were pretty much all I noticed. They are unmistakable too, but when I think of a classic Joe Bark...

Stories We Love: Another Wildlife Rescue Via Sup

SUP Rescue of An Entrapped GooseSUP Rescue of An Entrapped Goose
SUP Rescue of An Entrapped Goose Editor’s Note: Even in an urban aquatic environment like what you find in the tidal basins around Washington, D.C. you can have wildlife encounters.  Our friend Veronica Lee’s recent experience with a Canada Goose, caught in fishing line underscores...

Photo Gallery: Winter Wonderland

Winter Paddle Warriors The members of the Paddle Monster 100 Day Paddle Challenge Facebook group are a hearty bunch! Here are just a few examples of these paddle warriors battling the elements on what has already been called one of the coldest winters in quite...

Paddling Through Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu Season and Paddling
Cold and Flu Season and Paddling Last year, I managed to get through the entire winter without a single cold.  I chocked it up to good self care: resting when I needed to, along with using essential oils and other natural strategies to stay healthy. Apparently...

The Other Maui Downwinder: The Kihei Run

Downwind Paddling - Kihei Side
Downwind Paddling - Kihei Side   It’s not always fun and downwinders on the North Shore of Maui. Contrary to the idealized notion that Maui’s weather is perennially perfect and so much more consistent than conditions anywhere else on the the planet, sometimes Maliko is a...

Surfski Monday: Epic Kayaks in Hawaii

Surfski Life We will admit it: we are dragging just a little bit on this Monday morning.  But this video from Epic Kayaks gets our blood going.  Watch for the shot of the ski on the wave at about :30 seconds in, with the surfer. ...

Video: Na Wahine Ikaika

Outrigger Racing: Na Wahine Ikaika Once a year, the Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association holds the Na Wahine Ikaika. This is a women-only event, open to all crafts, and is more than just a race. Being held the day before the Molokai Hoe - a race that...

Video: Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Prone Downwinding   We l0ve this video edit of the prone downwinding by Frank Lundy!        

Infographics: Leashes and PFDS

Quick References for Key SUP Safety Gear The American Canoe and Kayak Association has come up with some handy infographics to quickly and clearly communicate how and why and which leashes and PFDs should be used for stand up paddling.  Take a look, and pass...

Video: Surfski Self-Rescue

How to Remount a Surfski Surfski is growing in more and more paddle athletes are seeing its value as a cross training tool and are lured into it by the speed and the fun. (That's my excuse, anyway - I take possession of my...

Outrigger Saturday: Feeling the Paddle…from a Unique Perspective

An Inspiring Outrigger Paddle Review We stumbled onto this amazing video by Hawaii filmmaker Ann Allen and OC paddler Vic Allen of in which Vic, who is blind, reviews the Kialoa Hoku Paddle. Vic's description of the feel of the paddle are amazing, and so...

The Top Ten Things to Love About the Off Season

Time Off From Paddle Training Yes, we all really know that there is no such thing as the "off season." Even taking a scheduled break is really part of training. It is as necessary as those intervals and drills are.  And I for one, am...

Surfski Tuesday: Dawid Mocke and the Falkland Sound Crossing

First Downwind Surfski Run Across the Falkland Sound Dawid Mocke is an amazing surfski racer and design well as pioneer. Three days ago, he left the Falkland Islands after becoming one of the first surfski paddlers to cross the Falkland Sounds.  You can read...

Safety: It Doesn’t Stop With SUPs

Teneale Hatton Gear Recommendations
A Safety Tale of Three Paddlers This summer, we wrote quite a bit about accidents involving paddlers who did not wear PFDs or leashes - but almost all of those stories involved people on standup boards.  Many of them were new to the sport.  But...

Op-Ed: How Many SUP Board Classes Should There Be?

How Many SUP Board Classes Should There be
Editor's Note: More thoughts on board lengths and classes from marketer and co-founder of Ke Nalu paddles Bill Babcock How about NONE. None is a nice round number. Why do we even have board classes? Before you start explaining hydrodynamics to me, or what airlines will...

How To Video: Surf Ski Rescue

Assisted Surf Ski Rescues Helping a fellow paddler is something we all will likely have to do at one point or another.  Knowing how to use your craft to rescue someone in the water is essential knowledge.  Here's a great video from  Alex Matthews and...

Cape Cod Great White Sightings Prompt Myriad of Responses

Cape Cod Shark Sightings Two days ago we posted about a SUP paddler who's board was bitten by a Great White Shark off the coast of Cape Cod.  As news reports indicated, seals were in the vicinity and indeed beach goers had apparently witnessed sharks...

Is My PFD Safe? What does it all mean?

USCG v ISO Personal Flotation Devices We recently reviewed two very popular low-volume/profile PFDs that have international safety certifications and are considered safe for use in countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Both have been popular in the surf ski community and are...

Gear Review: Mocke Racer PFD

Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion
Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion First of all right out of the gate I have to say that this PFD is NOT US Coast Guard approved.  It does, however carry a number of international certifications. Use at your own discretion. After this summer’s discussion...

SUP Safety: One Paddle Shop’s Perspective

Taking SUP Safety Seriously
Taking SUP Safety Seriously As our regular readers know, we've focused a lot on safety this summer, in light of what seems like a high number of SUP-related drownings.  And we've had good conversations on our social media about how to improve use of pdfs...

Downwinder Tuesday: Athens, Greece and the Meltemia Winds

Downwinding Greek Style We just love this.  Mullet reader John Spinoulas sent us this video from last week, when the summer winds known as "Meltemia" created perfect downwinding conditions in Athens. John and his brother got in four great days of downwinding and he captured the highlights...

NY Paddler Death: PFD Was Apparently Worn

Long Island Man Drowns in Upstate NY Lake Last weekend on Lake George, New York, another paddler drowned.  According to the local news, the Post Star, Michael Butler was wearing a PFD - a waist belt inflatable which he did not activate.  As the report...

Hot Time in the Summer: Staying Safe in the Heat

Safe Hot Weather Paddling
Safe Hot Weather Paddling A summer time heat wave is hitting many parts of the paddling world, and as training ramps up for some of the big races and events like Sea Paddle NYC and Chattajack, it's a good time for a heat safety refresher. Even...

Maliko Monday Video: It’s all about the footwork!

Jeremy Riggs and an Epic Maui Downwind Day Paddle with Riggs' Jeremy Riggs is the undisputed Jedi Master of the Maliko Run and in his latest video, he gives us a master class on the art of walking the board.  Conditions on Maui's North Shore...
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