1 Min Kernow Rivermouth Mini Wave Fanatic Fly Air Rob Small

Check out this 1 minute ride. How much fun would this be? Looks like a Fanatic Inflatable. Cuts back, keeps it's speed. Looks good.

Advanced River SUP Surfing Tips from Badfish

Badfish SUP/Boardworks Surf Pro Mike Tavares takes you through some advanced river surfing tricks on his Badfish 6'11 River Surfer. Be sure to watch the basic river surfing video first.

Team Badfish 2013 Summer Fun

Some highlights running the Arkansas River on Badfish SUP MVP's and MCIT's. Includes Team Riders: Miles Harvey, Brittany Parker, Claire Chappell, Morgan Mason, Haley Mills and Mike Harvey. Shot and edited by Zack Hughes.

Stand Up Paddling Whitewater on the Glenwood Wave 5.30.09

I fun little ride on the Glenwood Whitewater Park using my Carbon POV mono pod mount. Music by Mattafix
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