Another Casualty – Watch Over Your Ohana and Don’t Take Safety for Granted

It's with incredible sadness that another friend in our paddle community, Josh Hensley, has passed. After another paddle death, the community world-wide mourns. We just can’t believe that it happened. Regardless if you knew Josh or not, you mourn. You wonder if it could...

Costco Promotes Paddle Safety

Costco Magazine Features Leashes and PFDs Giving a hat tip to Costco - the warehouse retailer that often is the gateway for new SUP and kayak paddlers attracted to low-cost boards and boats - for emphasizing safety in the latest issue of its membership mailer,...

Safety on the Carolina Cup Graveyard Course

How to have a Great Graveyard Course at the Carolina Cup When it comes to safety at Wrightsville Beach, Dave Baker is the man. If he says it, and it's about water safety, you know it is true. And he is an accomplished paddler and...

Safety Checklist for the Carolina Cup

Safety Gear for Paddle Racing First time doing the Carolina Cup, or any race this year? Not sure what to bring? Here's our checklist for safety gear essentials. All Races/All Craft: Leash - coiled so that it will stay out of your way and out of...

Infographics: Leashes and PFDS

Quick References for Key SUP Safety Gear The American Canoe and Kayak Association has come up with some handy infographics to quickly and clearly communicate how and why and which leashes and PFDs should be used for stand up paddling.  Take a look, and pass...

Safety: It Doesn’t Stop With SUPs

Teneale Hatton Gear Recommendations
A Safety Tale of Three Paddlers This summer, we wrote quite a bit about accidents involving paddlers who did not wear PFDs or leashes - but almost all of those stories involved people on standup boards.  Many of them were new to the sport.  But...

How To Video: Surf Ski Rescue

Assisted Surf Ski Rescues Helping a fellow paddler is something we all will likely have to do at one point or another.  Knowing how to use your craft to rescue someone in the water is essential knowledge.  Here's a great video from  Alex Matthews and...

Is My PFD Safe? What does it all mean?

USCG v ISO Personal Flotation Devices We recently reviewed two very popular low-volume/profile PFDs that have international safety certifications and are considered safe for use in countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Both have been popular in the surf ski community and are...

Gear Review: Mocke Racer PFD

Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion
Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion First of all right out of the gate I have to say that this PFD is NOT US Coast Guard approved.  It does, however carry a number of international certifications. Use at your own discretion. After this summer’s discussion...

SUP Safety: One Paddle Shop’s Perspective

Taking SUP Safety Seriously
Taking SUP Safety Seriously As our regular readers know, we've focused a lot on safety this summer, in light of what seems like a high number of SUP-related drownings.  And we've had good conversations on our social media about how to improve use of pdfs...

NY Paddler Death: PFD Was Apparently Worn

Long Island Man Drowns in Upstate NY Lake Last weekend on Lake George, New York, another paddler drowned.  According to the local news, the Post Star, Michael Butler was wearing a PFD - a waist belt inflatable which he did not activate.  As the report...

Hot Time in the Summer: Staying Safe in the Heat

Safe Hot Weather Paddling
Safe Hot Weather Paddling A summer time heat wave is hitting many parts of the paddling world, and as training ramps up for some of the big races and events like Sea Paddle NYC and Chattajack, it's a good time for a heat safety refresher. Even...

California Man Dies After Falling off SUP In Harbor

SoCal Paddleboarder Death With No PFD More details on the 26-year old man who died in Southern California earlier this week when he fell off his paddleboard. He was in the Huntington Beach Harbor. He did not know how to swim. He was not wearing...

SUP Fatalities By The Numbers: A look at 2016 USCG Stats

Dissecting the USCG SUP Accident numbers Good news and bad news this week on the safety front. The bad news Another paddler, a doctor from Toronto, died on Lake Huron over the weekend.  According to news reports, witnesses said 39-year-old Dennis Bowman fell into the water at...

Mullet talks on the CHUM for this week: July 7th

Cape to Cape in Cape May, NJ, Sea Paddle NYC, OABI Detroit, Safety Concerns, KeyVault from Kanulock and an ama rack. See more at

Safety Squeaky Wheel Alert: Know How to Swim and Wear Your PFD!!

Paddle Safety Reminder It’s been a sad holiday weekend, dare I say holiday week, or even summer.  It seems, anecdotally at least, that there has been one report after another about paddlers drowning in any number of circumstances - from tourists renting boards for the...

A Wind (and other relevant conditions) Primer

Deciphering the Wind Forecast
Deciphering the Wind Forecast Wind. It can either make a great paddle, like when it's ripping toward the West Maui Mountains and the Maliko Downwind run is firing, or it can break us, like the 2016 version of Chattajack, when 25 mile per hour plus...

PFDs, Leashes and Lives: How Do We Get the Message Across?

A Note on the Cover Photo: Current US Coast Guard regulations only require a PFD be on the board, as shown in the photo above. But it is extremely difficult to put a PFD on in an emergency situation, or if the board gets...

Summertime Paddle Safety Reminder: Safety Never Gets Old

Paddle Safety Tips Refresher
Paddle Safety Tips Refresher Just in the last week, local news reports have included stories about fatal accidents involving paddle boarders. On a small lake in Indiana, a man fell off his board, starting having trouble and disappeared under the water.  Search and Rescue crews...

Gear Review: ACR Aqualink 406 MHz GPS Personal Locator Beacon

This is kind of a odd "review."  I can't really test the ACR Aqualink Personal Locator Beacon to its full capacity and nor would I really want to.  I hope never to have to use this device.  But, ever since reading about some near-misses...

Body of Missing Paddlerboarder Recovered

Sad news out of Minnesota this morning.  The Associated Press reports the body of Andy Stifter who went missing November 26 has been found.  Here's the story: WACONIA, Minn. (AP) — The body of a missing paddle boarder has been recovered from Lake Waconia. Thirty-five-year-old Andrew...

Ocean Safety is Ocean Safety – No Matter Where You Are

This Winter on Maui has been big, even already this early in the season, and recent incidents there prompted our friend Suzie Cooney to write a great post on her Maliko Run blog about safety.  Her advice is solid no matter where you paddle,...

It’s a Safety Thing, Y’all

On Black Friday during my #OptOutside paddle I faced a dilemma. The air temperature in my part of North Carolina was a balmy 75 degrees or so. But, after several seasonally cold days and nights prior, the water temperature was already about 55. While...
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