PFDs, Leashes and Lives: How Do We Get the Message Across?

A Note on the Cover Photo: Current US Coast Guard regulations only require a PFD be on the board, as shown in the photo above. But it is extremely difficult to put a PFD on in an emergency situation, or if the board gets...

Summertime Paddle Safety Reminder: Safety Never Gets Old

Paddle Safety Tips Refresher
Paddle Safety Tips Refresher Just in the last week, local news reports have included stories about fatal accidents involving paddle boarders. On a small lake in Indiana, a man fell off his board, starting having trouble and disappeared under the water.  Search and Rescue crews...

Gear Review: ACR Aqualink 406 MHz GPS Personal Locator Beacon

UPDATE: As of June, 2021 the MSRP of this valuable device has increased by about $40 since we wrote this review in 2016. Also, I have had a chance to paddle with this device several times, including multiple downwind runs on Maui and in the...

Body of Missing Paddlerboarder Recovered

Sad news out of Minnesota this morning.  The Associated Press reports the body of Andy Stifter who went missing November 26 has been found.  Here's the story: WACONIA, Minn. (AP) — The body of a missing paddle boarder has been recovered from Lake Waconia. Thirty-five-year-old Andrew...

Ocean Safety is Ocean Safety – No Matter Where You Are

This Winter on Maui has been big, even already this early in the season, and recent incidents there prompted our friend Suzie Cooney to write a great post on her Maliko Run blog about safety.  Her advice is solid no matter where you paddle,...

It’s a Safety Thing, Y’all

On Black Friday during my #OptOutside paddle I faced a dilemma. The air temperature in my part of North Carolina was a balmy 75 degrees or so. But, after several seasonally cold days and nights prior, the water temperature was already about 55. While...
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