Dave Kalama 2 minute foil carve session at the Hatchery in Hood River Gorge

Dave Kalama two minute Carve at the Hatchery on his Iwa model Go Foil! Usually he rides the Maliko 200 downwind but this is more like an Expression Session than a Downwinder at the Hatch... The boys either walk back or paddle/drift back for...

Q&A: Maliko Master Jeremy Riggs on the Future of Downwind Foiling

Jeremy Riggs Talks About Learning to Downwind Foil Wrightsville Beach native and Maui downwind expert Jeremy Riggs is working on taking it to the next level and adding foiling to his repertoire.  In March, we caught him working on his technique and foil design in the...

Foil footage confirms foil surfing originated toward the end of the Mesozoic Era

Casper Steinvath T-Rex Foil
Footage was found in a frozen clump of Scandinavian peat showing T. rex foils SUP surfing across a variety of wave formations dating to the Maastrichtian age of the upper Cretaceous period, which lasted from 67 million to 65 million years ago, toward the end of...

Video: Flying Through the Danger Zone with Jeremy Riggs

Kihei Run Downwinding! Maui’s downwinding Jedi Jeremy Riggs has taken “flying” on his foil to a fun new level. See what we mean in this video - guaranteed to get you through this Wednesday and headed toward the weekend!

Video: Lahaina, Maui on the Foil

Off Season with Zane Schweitzer Off season is the time for rest, rejuvenation, or if you are Zane Schweitzer, exploration and innovation.  Check out what he's been up to in this awesome edit by his brother Matty Schweitzer and MySaltyEye.com. (Oh and watch the end, where...

Video: Kai Lenny teaches Richard Branson how to Kite Foil

"Being able to show Richard Branson how to Kite Foil was my honor. Within a few minutes he was soaring across the bay making it look easy! Spending time with him was not only incredible but very inspiring. Someone I look up to greatly! #NeckerIsland 🤙🏾🌴💯"

Dave Kalama Catches air SUP Foil Surfing

Dave Kalama Foil Surfing
We just saw this on Dave Kalama's Instagram and had to share it right away. You can see him flying on a SUP foil surfing board and landing an air. We want to be Dave Kalama. You might want to follow Dave on Instagram if...

Video: The Spencer Boys

One year in the making, I finally have the pleasure of releasing my second short film - The Spencer Boys. The Spencer Boys is a film about Jeffrey and Finn Spencer that tells the tale of chasing their passion of hydrofoiling and follows them...

Maui Downwind Foil Run with Jeremy Riggs

Maui Downwind Foil Run
"I'm riding a Gofoil Maliko 200 hydrofoil wing down the south shore of Maui. The wind was gusting close to 50 mph."

Notes from Maui: Foil SUP Boards

Foiled Again! Since my last visit  almost a year ago, the number of foil boards you might strapped on the back of a pick-up truck or in the water here on Maui seems to have increased. The foil looks like a model airplane on a...

Foil Surfing Discussion with Mark Raaphorst, SIC Maui

Lisa Schell talks about the future of foil SUP with Mark Raaphorst of SIC Maui.

Maui To Moloka’i Hydrofoil Race 27 Miles Across Pailolo Channel Video

InZane's World - Zane Kekoa Schweitzer Published on Jul 9, 2018 This is the finishing stretch and the final pass that led to my win and record breaking Pailolo Channel Crossing Time at the Moloka’i Holokai- 27 mile Open Ocean Sup, Canoe, Paddleboard and Hydrofoil Championship...

Straight Outta Kihei: Downwind Foiling on the South Side with Jeremy Riggs

Jeremy Riggs Foiling at Kihei The Kihei Run on Maui’s South Side might be known as Maliko’s little sister...but when it’s firing, it’s something else.  Conditions have to be just right....if the winds are blowing too offshore, it can be dangerous.  You can get blown...

Laird Foil SUP Surf: Carving another niche

He has a paddle, but it's anything but the SUP we know. Kai Lenny, Zane Schweitzer, Connor Baxter and others have been playing and experimenting with foils a lot this past summer. A few of us even got to try them in a bayside...

Dave Kalama is blowing the doors off Maliko Times on a foil

dave kalama
It may look slow because they are gliding atop the water. But they are FLYING! I remember when they were trying to break the hour mark on the Maliko Run on a SUP and now Dave's breaking 40 minutes on foil. Mind blowing. "Average...

Kai Lenny releases Malolo video

Insane short film about Kai's inter-island journey powered only by mother nature A film by Ryan Johnson and Kai Lenny

F-ONE – Surf Foil – Twiggy in Indonesia Video

F-ONE - Surf Foil - Twiggy in Indonesia from fonefoil on Vimeo. “I was in Indo for that amazing run of swell including the biggest in many years. For three weeks we surfed and foiled our brains out and both the waves that were best...

Thursday Meditation Video – Er, Foiling Video

The Perfect SUP Foiling Video This may be one of the most soothing, calming, mesmerizing foil vidos we've ever seen....if this edit from France's  Thalassa doesn't make you want to learn to foil, or at least paddle surf, not sure what will! Smooth!!!  
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