Paddling Awareness: Understand the Risks of Standup Paddling

Editor's Note: It should be obvious that all of us at Paddle Monster LOVE paddling - we want everyone to love it! But if you have a bad experience on the water, especially one where your are injured or have a near miss, then...

Bracing for Stability, or How Your Paddle is Your Best Friend

Your Paddle is Your Best Friend When I first started paddling sprint canoe many years ago the first thing the coaches told me as I stepped into the canoe for the first time was “do not let go of your paddle”.   Sprint racing canoes...

SUP Travel: Let’s Talk about Waves and Beach Launches

SUP Travel: Let’s Talk about Waves and Beach Launches All this month, I am working from home which is Maui, Hawaii. (I know, I know, please don’t hate - I am originally from here so…) and my office view affords me a very picturesque panorama...

How to Get Your Sup Board into the Water

How to Launch Your SUP Beginners sometimes struggle with launching their sups for the first few times.  Here are some general tips and tricks for getting into the water smoothly for the first few times! From a Calm Beach or Lake Shore These tips are appropriate for...

SUP Paddling In the Ocean for the First Time

SUP Paddling in the Ocean for the First Time When I teach beginning SUP classes, I am often asked how difficult it is to paddle in the ocean. Or what the difference is between standup paddling on a big lake v. The Big Blue. SUP...

Choosing Your First SUP Paddle

Choosing your First Paddle It can be intimidating purchasing all of your SUP gear for the first time.  And expensive.  Understandably you don’t want to spend a fortune on your first set of equipment. But at the same time, you want to get stuff that...

Knowing When It’s Okay to Go Paddling: How to Improve your Skills Safely

How do we know when its okay to go paddling? It's raining. It's kind of windy. There are whitecaps. The waves look big. How do I know if it's safe for me to go paddling? There is a fine line between testing yourself and progressing with...

The Save a Paddle Kit: Five Things Every Paddler Should Keep Handy

Save a Paddle Kit   Beyond the obvious - leash, life jacket, water, communication, first aid - here's a cheat sheet for your Save A Paddle Kit...five things that can get you in the water, instead of heading for home when your gear fails. Provided you...

Coach Victoria on Fueling Your Workouts the Right Way

Fueling your Workouts the Right Way! Hello Paddlers!! Can you believe it’s May!!! This part of the year is always interesting. Some of you are coming from a deep freeze, snow and mostly land/cardio training.  Others, like us here in Florida, have been paddling all...

What You Should do Before that First Spring Paddle

Ah spring! That wonderful time of year when nature explodes after the dark, dank grey of winter and re-ignites our paddling souls!  The air temperature warms up, and we dream of barefoot paddles, board shorts and bathing suits and refreshing dips in our local...

SIC Talk Story: SUP Tip – Turning Your SUP with Coach Seychelle

SIC Maui
This is from SIC: Last week Seychelle SUP had connection issues for her live SIC Talk Story SUP Tip but we are back with a prerecorded version of her Turning Your SUP! As always, you will be able to find a copy of this Talk Story along...

SUP How To: Falling

Falling the Right Way After our recent discussion on falling and not being afraid to, several folks suggested we follow up by talking about how to fall. Awesome idea! Knowing how to fall off a sup is a lot like knowing how to fall off a...

Jeremy Riggs on Jumping the Bump

If you want to learn downwinding, especially if your goal is a North Shore Maui Maliko Run, there is no one better to learn from that the Jedi Master himself, Jeremy Riggs of Paddle with Riggs. This week, he dropped a great video on how...

Book Review: How to Read Water – By Tristan Gooley

We paddlers, we should be looking at water constantly.  Flat lakes, running streams, inlets, beaches, canals, channels, puddles, if you're paddling and you want to be efficient, you should be looking at the water.  All water. As paddlers, we need to understand the ever-changing medium on...

Drafting Part 2: A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 3PM EST

Coach Larry Cain will be discussing the second part of how to draft this week as part of Paddle Monster's Zoom series. Join us Thursday, July 16 at 3:00 PM ET This is available for all Paddle Monster All Access and Basic Members. If you...

Drafting: A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 3PM EST

Coach Larry Cain will be discussing how to draft this week as part of Paddle Monster's Zoom series. Join us Thursday, July 9 at 3:00 PM ET This is available for all Paddle Monster All Access and Basic Members. If you are not a member,...

Seychelle on the most important part of the SUP Paddling Technique—the Catch

Seychelle the catch
Seychelle, 2019’s World Champ and Paddle Monster Coach, talks about the most important part of SUP Paddling Technique and the paddle stroke... the catch

How to do a buoy turn with Coach Travis Grant: Video from NSP

Paddle Monster Coach Travis Grant is a stand-up paddle athlete with several big titles under his belt, including Molokai, the Carolina Cup, King of the Harbour NZ and countless others.

Virtual Racing How To Trim your paddle distance down to the required distance on the Garmin Connect App

Hi all, for those that aren't aware, when you're recording your distances and you go over, Garmin (and Strava and many other platforms) have the ability to "trim" your time to the desired distance. For example, if you paddle and record 5.1 km but...

Board First Aid

What to carry to fix pesky SUP dings Most of us keep some sort of first aid kit in our cars or packs for minor cuts and scrapes, but do you have a board or boat first aid kit handy? If not, you should. And here...

Seychelle SUP – Superb Tips Episode 2

Welcome to Seychelle SUP - Superb Tips Episode 2. This week Seychelle talks to us about the best body position for optimal paddling successes. Learn awesome paddling tricks and tips from your 2019 World Champion always on Seychelle SUP - Superb Tips

Balance Training: Indo Board 101

Indo Board 101 Right now as many if not most of us, continue to stay at home and find our regular training routines “modified” to some extent, it’s a good time to get creative. Or explore new tools that can make working out at home...

Tracking your board straight – Part 4: Using the paddle face with Coach Larry Cain on Facebook Live

Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain discussed how to use the paddle face for steering. This originally aired April 17, 2020, at 3:00 PM ET on Facebook Live To train with Larry Cain, please go here Paddle Monster :: #TRAININGWORKS See more Facebook Live sessions here :  

Intro to LandPaddling: Quarantine Edition

I’ve had several inquiries about land paddling since the lockdown of 2020 began, so I thought a quick primer might be in order. Introduction I discovered land paddling several years ago, not long after I started stand up paddling and at the time, I thought it...

Tracking Your Board Straight – Part 2

Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain second part of discussion on how weight distribution impacts your board's track and how to correct it. This originally aired April 10, 2020, at 3:00 PM ET! To train with Larry Cain, please go to Paddle Monster ::...
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