Drafting: A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Thursday, July 9, 2020 at 3PM EST

Coach Larry Cain will be discussing how to draft this week as part of Paddle Monster's Zoom series. Join us Thursday, July 9 at 3:00 PM ET This is available for all Paddle Monster All Access and Basic Members. If you are not a member,...

Seychelle on the most important part of the SUP Paddling Technique—the Catch

Seychelle the catch
Seychelle, 2019’s World Champ and Paddle Monster Coach, talks about the most important part of SUP Paddling Technique and the paddle stroke... the catch

How to do a buoy turn with Coach Travis Grant: Video from NSP

Paddle Monster Coach Travis Grant is a stand-up paddle athlete with several big titles under his belt, including Molokai, the Carolina Cup, King of the Harbour NZ and countless others.

Virtual Racing How To Trim your paddle distance down to the required distance on the Garmin Connect App

Hi all, for those that aren't aware, when you're recording your distances and you go over, Garmin (and Strava and many other platforms) have the ability to "trim" your time to the desired distance. For example, if you paddle and record 5.1 km but...

Board First Aid

What to carry to fix pesky SUP dings Most of us keep some sort of first aid kit in our cars or packs for minor cuts and scrapes, but do you have a board or boat first aid kit handy? If not, you should. And here...

Seychelle SUP – Superb Tips Episode 2

Welcome to Seychelle SUP - Superb Tips Episode 2. This week Seychelle talks to us about the best body position for optimal paddling successes. Learn awesome paddling tricks and tips from your 2019 World Champion always on Seychelle SUP - Superb Tips

Balance Training: Indo Board 101

Indo Board 101 Right now as many if not most of us, continue to stay at home and find our regular training routines “modified” to some extent, it’s a good time to get creative. Or explore new tools that can make working out at home...

Tracking your board straight – Part 4: Using the paddle face with Coach Larry Cain on Facebook Live

Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain discussed how to use the paddle face for steering. This originally aired April 17, 2020, at 3:00 PM ET on Facebook Live To train with Larry Cain, please go here Paddle Monster :: #TRAININGWORKS See more Facebook Live sessions here : https://www.facebook.com/paddlemonster  

Intro to LandPaddling: Quarantine Edition

I’ve had several inquiries about land paddling since the lockdown of 2020 began, so I thought a quick primer might be in order. Introduction I discovered land paddling several years ago, not long after I started stand up paddling and at the time, I thought it...

Tracking Your Board Straight – Part 2

Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain second part of discussion on how weight distribution impacts your board's track and how to correct it. This originally aired April 10, 2020, at 3:00 PM ET! To train with Larry Cain, please go to Paddlemonster.com Paddle Monster ::...

Leg Circuit for Paddlers hosted by Coach Larry Cain on Paddle Monster Facebook Live

Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain covers a post paddling "Leg Circuit" that is intended to help develop very specific leg strength for effective and strong paddling.  Hosted on Paddle Monster April 3, 2020, Facebook Live.  #technique #paddle #landdrill #paddlemonster #sup #workout #strength #conditioning

Tracking Your Board Straight – Part 1 – Understanding Your Weight Distribution

Coach Larry Cain discussed how weight distribution impacts your board's track and how to correct it. This originally aired April 6, 2020, at 3:00 PM ET! #technique #paddle #landdrill #paddlemonster #sup #workout #strength #conditioning

Land Drill 5 – Exit Drill with Coach Larry Cain

Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain covers "the exit" on our fifth in the series on land-based, home paddle drills from our April 1, 2020, Facebook Live.  #technique #paddle #landdrill #paddlemonster #sup

Land Drills 3: Pull the Hips First: Today with Coach Larry Cain live at 3pm on Facebook

Coach Larry Cain will be on Facebook live today March 24, 2020, at 3 pm EST on Paddle Monster's Facebook page here covering more land-based technique work that you can do on your own in your home! NOTE: It’s not our position to offer information...

So You Want to Find Fellow Paddlers?

Paddling with others is what allows us to make the most of the sport we love. Many of us are very fortunate to have a paddle league or group in our area that gives us access to share racing, adventure, or club-style gatherings while...

Strap It Down! Tips for Racking Your Paddle Craft

Ways to Help Avoid Roof Rack Catastrophes Last week I did something I have done a thousand times: loaded my surfski and my 9’4” SIC Fish sup surfboard onto the top of my Adventure Toaster (Honda Element) and set off for the water. This time,...

OC Basics: Holding an Outrigger Canoe Paddle and the basic stroke by Coach Travis Grant

I went out in a novice canoe this past weekend and there were a lot of discussions on technique and having the entire club following a set of the same fundamentals. I think this will help for new outrigger paddlers as Super Coach Travis...

Another Casualty – Watch Over Your Ohana and Don’t Take Safety for Granted

It's with incredible sadness that another friend in our paddle community, Josh Hensley, has passed. After another paddle death, the community world-wide mourns. We just can’t believe that it happened. Regardless if you knew Josh or not, you mourn. You wonder if it could...


by Coach Larry Cain You’ve probably all heard of Malcolm Gladwell and his “10000 – Hour Rule” from his book Outliers, which states that to be a world-class expert in something it takes approximately 10000 hours of practice. While I think the number 10000 is somewhat arbitrary and...

NEW “SOLD” Button on Classifieds

Sold Button
Hellow Mullets! Just A Quick Update, We Added A New Feature To Classifieds Tonight That We Encourage Everyone To Use. The "Mark Sold" Option is prominently displayed on any Classified Listing you own. This allows you to easily click, Mark Sold, to let your...

What your sneakers are telling you about how you should be paddling

Larry Cain Nike Swoosh
I find that one of the most useful things I can do when paddling is to visualize the path of the paddle in the water.  Understanding what you should be trying to accomplish with the paddle to move your board forward with optimal efficiency,...

Renegades will be banned for life: Key Lesson from the Maui to Molokai Race

Renegades will be banned for life
I was reviewing posts yesterday about the Maui to Molokai and came across one of their rules and it struck a chord with me. It's brilliant and applicable and so well said that I needed to share it with race directors and paddlers alike....

Congratulations Fiona Wylde, winner at Sunset Beach Pro

Fiona Wylde
After a dramatic and challenging day of competition, Fiona Wylde has been crowned Sunset Beach Pro Champion for 2019. In the lead up to the event, Fiona was looking quietly confidant and self assured in the tricky line-up at Sunset Beach, rapidly gaining respect...

First SUP Steps: Learning to surf a race board by Jeramie Vaine

A lot of us think or believe that we could never ride a board, never mind a raceboard, in the waves. The truth is we can. And here are a few tips to check out. 1. Start on a small day. And when I say small...

Whitewater Video: Mike T. Breaks down the Backside Crossbow

River Shredding With Michael Tavares We can't think of anyone we'd rather learn whitewater with than Mike Tavares...he posted this awesome instructional video on his Facebook page on how to do a Backside Crossbow 360 on a river wave.  Makes it look soooooo easy. (And Shred...
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