by Coach Larry Cain You’ve probably all heard of Malcolm Gladwell and his “10000 – Hour Rule” from his book Outliers, which states that to be a world-class expert in something it takes approximately 10000 hours of practice. While I think the number 10000 is somewhat arbitrary and...

NEW “SOLD” Button on Classifieds

Sold Button
Hellow Mullets! Just A Quick Update, We Added A New Feature To Classifieds Tonight That We Encourage Everyone To Use. The "Mark Sold" Option is prominently displayed on any Classified Listing you own. This allows you to easily click, Mark Sold, to let your...

What your sneakers are telling you about how you should be paddling

Larry Cain Nike Swoosh
I find that one of the most useful things I can do when paddling is to visualize the path of the paddle in the water.  Understanding what you should be trying to accomplish with the paddle to move your board forward with optimal efficiency,...

Renegades will be banned for life: Key Lesson from the Maui to Molokai Race

Renegades will be banned for life
I was reviewing posts yesterday about the Maui to Molokai and came across one of their rules and it struck a chord with me. It's brilliant and applicable and so well said that I needed to share it with race directors and paddlers alike....

Congratulations Fiona Wylde, winner at Sunset Beach Pro

Fiona Wylde
After a dramatic and challenging day of competition, Fiona Wylde has been crowned Sunset Beach Pro Champion for 2019. In the lead up to the event, Fiona was looking quietly confidant and self assured in the tricky line-up at Sunset Beach, rapidly gaining respect...

First SUP Steps: Learning to surf a race board by Jeramie Vaine

A lot of us think or believe that we could never ride a board, never mind a raceboard, in the waves. The truth is we can. And here are a few tips to check out. 1. Start on a small day. And when I say small...

Whitewater Video: Mike T. Breaks down the Backside Crossbow

River Shredding With Michael Tavares We can't think of anyone we'd rather learn whitewater with than Mike Tavares...he posted this awesome instructional video on his Facebook page on how to do a Backside Crossbow 360 on a river wave.  Makes it look soooooo easy. (And Shred...

Technique with Travis – improve your SUP paddling style

NSP Team Rider, Travis Grant, 3x Molokai Champion of SUP and 1x Molokai Champion on OC-1, with wins at Carolina Cup, King of the Harbour NZ and countless others and is a coach at Paddle Monster. Also in this how-to series: Technique with Travis – Proper paddle length Technique with...

Competition or Personal Accomplishment: A thought on race courses

This is an observation for race directors looking to get more people to come and enjoy their races. When you have a challenge that goes beyond a simple 5K or 10K race, one that has obstacles that transcend a straight line, a start and a...

Video: Paddling the V1 Rudderless

Time in the V1 Rudderless Outrigger Vic Allen gets great coaching in this video in which he makes paddling the V1 Va'a outrigger canoe look easy!    

Confronting the 2018 Racing Season

Three Weeks Away from Paddle Racing Season The Carolina Cup, what many on the East Coast and in professional racing circles consider as the start of the new racing season, is less than a month away. That means veterans as well as first-timers alike are starting...

Video: Downwinding Beginner Mistakes

Five Most Common Ocean Downwinding Mistakes Downwinding season is right around the corner, and as the folks from Blue Planet Surf remind us in this video, downwinding in the ocean is very different that in a lake or on a river, even if that river...

How to Pack A Paddle for Air Travel

Don’t Be Afraid to Fly with Your V-Drive The thought of packing my Quickblade paddles used to scare the living daylights out of me. But, after awhile, I got tired of borrowing blades or renting inferior ones and decided to invest in a good bag...

Training Video: Don’t Just Survive, Thrive!

Thriving in Paddle Training Just doing the miles isn’t enough. To perform well, you need to do more than just miles. Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain explains how bringing in different elements of training while simultaneously putting in the miles, is the different from a...

Prone Paddleboarding 101 with Jack Bark

Joe Bark's shapes are unmistakable.  Period. When I came to my first SUP race, six years or so ago (the Cold Stroke Classic) Bark SUP boards were pretty much all I noticed. They are unmistakable too, but when I think of a classic Joe Bark...

Surfski Friday: Bracing

It's All About the Brace I've come to believe that the brace is the most under-taught and under-utilized of the paddle strokes, especially in standup paddling. It is essential in paddling outrigger - because if you do not learn to brace almost without thinking on...

Video: Surfski Self-Rescue

How to Remount a Surfski Surfski is growing in popularity...as more and more paddle athletes are seeing its value as a cross training tool and are lured into it by the speed and the fun. (That's my excuse, anyway - I take possession of my...

One Board Class: 14 and Under

First of all, let me be clear. As far as I can see it, there is no dominant governing body that can regulate races. At all. So, no one is imposing anything on anyone. We are a collective group of independents. This could change...

How To Video: Surf Ski Rescue

Assisted Surf Ski Rescues Helping a fellow paddler is something we all will likely have to do at one point or another.  Knowing how to use your craft to rescue someone in the water is essential knowledge.  Here's a great video from  Alex Matthews and...

Avoid the Kook Zone: Sup Surfing Do’s and Don’ts

Safe SUP Surfing for the Beginner
Safe SUP Surfing for the Beginner Slammed We all love the Kookslams Instagram feed, right? But precious few of us would really care to have a video of us posted there.  In fact, I live in abject fear of being a kook in the lineup. When...

Video Trailer: Drafting with Larry Cain!

SUP Drafting for Racing - Larry Cain Ever want to know what it's like to be Larry Cain, drafting?  Take a look at the new Paddle Monster trailer for his Drafting 101 video and find out!  You'll see how the master does it! The full video...

OC How To: Stay Safe and Carry an Extra Paddle

Outrigger Canoe Safety Setup John Beausang of DistressedMullet.com / paddlemonster.com shares his outrigger canoe downwinding setup, including how he attaches his spare paddle to his OC1, his leash setup, and hydration method (and tells us why you don't want to carry a water bottle when...

So you want to try prone paddling: nine things to keep in mind

Prone Paddleboard Wrightsville Beach, NC shot by Dave Baker
So you want to try prone paddling Prone boarding is pure.  It’s challenging.  It’s fun.  You get to lie down. The first time I tried it, Katie Elzer-Peters let me climb aboard hers…I almost didn’t give it back. But, it does come with it’s own idiosyncrasies. Balance...

A Wind (and other relevant conditions) Primer

Deciphering the Wind Forecast
Deciphering the Wind Forecast Wind. It can either make a great paddle, like when it's ripping toward the West Maui Mountains and the Maliko Downwind run is firing, or it can break us, like the 2016 version of Chattajack, when 25 mile per hour plus...

So You Think You Might Want to Race, Now what?

do the Cold Stroke
Entering your first standup paddleboard race Chances are, if you just bought your first paddleboard and you've discovered you're addicted to it, the thought of entering a paddleboard race has crossed your mind.  Or maybe you've just discovered that sup racing is actually a thing...

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