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How to Set your Garmin 310XT – The Basics

How to set your Garmin 310XT
 We've had some questions on how to use a GPS watch. This is a repost of directions Kim Sutton created last year. There is a newer Garmin 910XT model, that Jenny Kalmbach reviews here on the Garmin Blog. Whether you are training for a big event,...

Planning a road trip to a SUP race

Updated June 29, 2016 If you are hopping in your cars and heading for the nearest SUP event, here are a few things to remember: The first step: Cover the basics Register for the event Make a reservation at the event hotel or one close by ...

Help Me Out: What Am I Missing Here?

Help Tim McAuley, ambassador for SIC Maui, pack for travel and training!   ************     How many trips have you been on where you didn’t forget something important?    You leave your toothbrush at home. Forget to bring your phone charger. Arrive at your destination with only the shoes on...

How to protect and repair standup paddleboards when you travel

Ding repair for standup paddleboards
This is a Repost of a great article for those of you who are looking for ways to repair your boards when you're out in the world without a ding repair shop: The possibilities are endless when it comes to board damage abroad. I’ve heard...

Cover your paddle

How much does your paddle cost?  Yep.  A lot! You have a case for your camera. You have a case for your laptop. You have a helmet for your melon.  GET A BAG FOR YOUR PADDLE. I just brought mine back from the Key West Classic. It's the Quickblade...

How To Glue a Top Onto a Stand Up Paddle by Kialoa Paddles

Dave Chun of KIALOA Paddles shows you how to top a KIALOA stand up paddle.

Quickblade FAQ: how to make your paddle shorter

Short Description Jimmy Terrell tells you how to do it.

How to Install a Fin in a Standup Paddleboard

 Bringing this back because it is useful info! Installing a fin is really pretty simple when you know which way everything goes. The most important thing to note is which direction the fin faces… the top points towards the back end of your board. The fin...

How to Take Care of your Standup Paddleboard

NOTE FROM KATIE: I'm reposting this because it's spring cleaning time, people! And, also, the weather is warming up and people are buying boards. If you sell boards, do everyone a favor and share this post! Above: Huh, I think I could employ that technique...

Strap It Down! Tips for Racking Your Paddle Craft

Ways to Help Avoid Roof Rack Catastrophes Last week I did something I have done a thousand times: loaded my surfski and my 9’4” SIC Fish sup surfboard onto the top of my Adventure Toaster (Honda Element) and set off for the water. This time,...

How to prevent your Standup Paddleboards from being stolen

Updated on June 24, 2016 You have cash on your car in the form of a standup paddle board and people need cash. I spoke to a police officer buddy of mine who told me that as unemployment gets higher, snag and grab crimes go...

How to install the NOCQUA LED Light System

How to install the NOCQUA Light System: Use of adjustable strap and harness for the NOCQUA 2000 system

How to clean your neoprene booties, gloves and wetsuit video

A great video from Korduroy on how to use household remedies to get you and your wetsuit feeling fresh and clean

QuickBlade: How to Use the Composite Patch Kit

In this video, Jim Terrell shows you how to use the Composite Patch Kit from Quickblade to do some repairs on your paddles or carbon fiber boards. QB just started selling a Carbon Fiber Patch kit for paddles and boards. If you've ever traveled to a...

How to convert an insulated bike water bottle into one with a hose for paddleboarding

This is a step-by step video tutorial on how to make an insulated Polar water bottle into one with a hose for prone paddleboarding. It is one of the amazing tips we learned at the AMAZING prone paddleboard clinic by Cynthia Aguilar in June...

OC1 Care – Tips and Tricks to Prolonging the Life of your Canoe

Outrigger canoe care
So you just bought a canoe, want a canoe, or have a canoe. Regardless of whether you belong in one of those three categories, knowing how to properly care for your outrigger is vital if you want to prolong the life of your craft....

What You Should do Before that First Spring Paddle

Ah spring! That wonderful time of year when nature explodes after the dark, dank grey of winter and re-ignites our paddling souls!  The air temperature warms up, and we dream of barefoot paddles, board shorts and bathing suits and refreshing dips in our local...
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