Cynthia Aguilar’s favorite exercises for prone paddlers

Here are two videos Cynthia shared with the Mullet that she loves for helping strengthen and stretch the muscles prone paddlers (an everyone else) use sometimes to extreme levels. The first (above) is from Foundation Training. Prone Decompression: another solution to back pain. Strengthen the anchoring...

PFD Exception for Prone – Traditional Paddleboards

According to the Coast Guard, vessels propelled by hands or feet without the use of engines, sails, oars, paddles, propellers (the rule gives the full list) are excepted from the USCG life jacket requirement as per rule 33 CFR 175.11 (CFR stands for Code...

How to read the Water: And what is an Eddy?

Wrightsville Beach Drawbridge Eddy
This is another non-expert description of terms you'll find as you learn how to stand up paddle. I am neither a geomorphologists nor a fluid dynamics experts, but I know how to stay out of the current and if you want to do well in...

Prone Paddleboarding Essential Techniques from Riding Bumps

Riding Bumps is all over prone paddling and their new VIDEO: Prone Paddleboarding: Essential Techniques video is amazing. I just got it and watched it and if it wasn't 20 degrees, I'd be on the water trying some of the techniques. The video is available for...

How to Prone Paddleboard Part 3: Learning how to knee paddle

Part three of the "How to Prone Paddleboard" series with Jack Bark sponsored by Bark and Surftech. Shot and edited by Chris Aguilar. Part One Part Two

How to Prone Paddleboard Part 2: Getting Started with Jack Bark

Jack Bark guides you how to get on a prone (traditional) paddleboard and a basic stroke. Shot by Chris Aguilar. Sponsors: Bark Paddleboards, Surftech and Distressed Mullet. Please like and share! Check out Surftech: Check out Bark Paddleboards:

How to Prone Paddleboard: Part 1 The Basics

Jack Bark from Bark Paddleboards and Surftech walks us through prone (traditional) paddleboards Part 1. Shot by Chris Aguilar. Sponsors: Bark Paddleboards, Surftech and Distressed Mullet. Please like and share! Check out Surftech Check out Bark Paddleboards:

I have a prone, now where do I get bottles, cages, headrests?

The newly launched Joe Bark store has an accessories section. They now carry water bottles, single and double bottle cages and head rests. Simple items that are great to have and pretty much mandatory for paddles over an hour. Single Water Bottle Cage: The black aluminum...

How to knee paddle a prone paddleboard

A great video for knee paddling technique recommended by Sunset Paddleboard Club

Steve Shlens: Unsolicited Tips on Knee Paddling

Many of the mullets are getting into Prone paddling, led by The Mullet (cause he likes to prone), and we're soaking up advice like a cube of peat moss left in a lake for a month. One of the paddleboard clubs is a font...
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