How to Improve Leg Strength, Endurance and Balance for Stand Up Paddling

Suzie is a Naish Team rider and one of the worlds best trainers. Think Cody Kerbox and Jeremy Riggs. She posts amazing workouts and really understands the needs of standup paddlers. This workout is designed with the stand up paddle boarder in mind to...

Quickblade Flume: Train Hard: Jamie, Candice and Anthony V02 Testing by Soul Surf Media

Jamie Mitchell, Candice Appleby, And Anthony Vela all jump into the Quickblade Flume for a V02 test. Yep, it was a little intense. Just the way Coach Jimmy likes it by Soul Surf Media

How to attach your Garmin to your Board Part 2

Check out what Mike Dobbins created with a Sea Sucker mount instead of GoPro Mounts. I've never seen the Sea Sucker, but apparently, it's an insanely powerful suction cup system. This is another great idea in a series of home-brew fixes to affix a...
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