How to Choose Your First Paddleboard: A Beginner’s Primer

How to choose your first paddleboard
How to choose your first paddleboard Paddling season is here!  Maybe you tried SUP last year and have decided it’s time to take the plunge and get your own board. Maybe you just think it looks fun and cool and you want to give it a...

Video: Sizing Your OC Paddle

Picking out your first OC paddle So, maybe you've just succumbed to the pull of outrigger canoe and you're about to get your first OC paddle.  Might want to review this helpful video from Dave and Meg Chun at Kialoa before your pick your blade...

So you want to start a paddle race. Here’s a quick list of tips for planning

A few random suggestions and this is not a complete how-to list. Feel free to add to the bottom: Involve local and regional paddlers in the planning Use standard divisions and practices from the WPA (World Paddle Association) Finding a good date that doesn’t...

Reading the Water with Oscar Chalupsky – Downwind Surf Ski Technique

Downwind Surf Ski Skills Reading the water and the bumps is a key skill when it comes to learning how to downwind - regardless of whether your are paddling SUP, OC or surf ski.  In this video from Epic Kayaks, surf ski icon Oscar Chalupsky...

Surf Ski 101: Tips and Tricks for Getting out into the Ocean

surf ski skills
Surf Ski Skills: Open Ocean Thinking about taking your surf ski skills to the next level in the open ocean? Before you head out beyond the break, here's some great advice from the folks at Epic Kayak.  You can read the complete article here. Tips for...

OC1 Care – Tips and Tricks to Prolonging the Life of your Canoe

Outrigger canoe care
So you just bought a canoe, want a canoe, or have a canoe. Regardless of whether you belong in one of those three categories, knowing how to properly care for your outrigger is vital if you want to prolong the life of your craft....

OC-2 How-to: Installing a Rudder Video

OC2 paddlers, learn how to install your rudder with Jim Foti and Outrigger Zone! "Installing a rudder into a Tempest OC2 (outrigger canoe) is easy. Just follow Jim Foti's simple instructions. You will need a Hhilips screwdriver and the parts that come with your rudder...

Surf Ski Technique: Greg Barton on the Forward Stroke

How many times have you heard someone tell you to pull yourself to the paddle, not pull the paddle toward you? That's been a tenant of Greg Barton's forward stroke philosophy for years.  Barton is the Olympic sprint kayaker gold medalist and co-owner and...

Basic Technique Fundamental – Pull Yourself Past the Paddle

In all paddled watercraft the most fundamental principle of technique is to gather water on your paddle blade, secure it in the water and pull yourself by the paddle. In the 1980s, Tamas Buday, a sprint canoe athlete from Hungary was doing his coaching education...

Avoiding “Air Catching” when standup paddleboarding

by Larry Cain, Head Paddle Coach, Paddle Monster It’s crucially important to spear the blade into the water so that it is actually moving forward as it enters.  This helps us maximize the water we’re able to gather on our blade at the catch, thus...

Epic Maliko Firing this Week on Maui

Our friends on The Valley Isle of Maui have been posting some amazing shots of the huge conditions on the Maliko Run on the North Shore this week.  So, we thought we'd check in with Suzie Cooney, whose video and photos of one of...

Dealing with post paddle aches and pains

Aches and pains still annoying you after a full summer of paddling or racing? More and more research is pointing to inflammation as the culprit. Amy Beausang offers some great suggestions for reducing inflammation in her blog post Five Healthy Ways to Quash Inflammation. In a...

Chattajack Potty Talk: What to do About the Loo

Editor's Note: This is part of a Distressed Mullet series on on Chattajack Prep. Additional columns will focus on landmarks and navigation on the river and how to prevent a Chattattack freak out prior to the October 22 start of "the Inland Molokai to Oahu"......

Stand Up Paddling – Rules of the Road StandUpPaddlingTV

Stand up paddlers should be aware of the general rules of the road when it comes to navigating our waterways, particularly in high traffic areas.

Top 5 Stand Up Paddling Tips

This video offers five valuable tips for Stand Up Paddling that will help you stay safe and get the most out of your time on the water.

3 Techniques All Stand Up Paddlers Should Know

Learn the three key techniques that will make you a better, safer paddler. How to get back on your board if you fall off, how to deal with a boat wake, and how to do a pivot turn. Produced in partnership with the ACA http://www.aca-sup.com

SUP Surfing 101 from the ACA

Starting from a standing position with the power of a paddle makes catching waves easier on a SUP board than traditional surfing...But, surfing a SUP has its own unique challenges and skills to develop in order to become proficient.

Learn how to steer your board with this Paddle Monster video: The Slalom Drill

There are three techniques to help you maintain the straight run of the board and counteract the propensity of the board to drift to the opposite side: Paddling along the rail, foot steering, and drawing the nose of the board. (drill videos are available...

How to Get Back Onto a Paddleboard Video

In this video, we're going to take a look at how to get back onto your SUP from the water in case you fall off or decide you want to jump in to take a swim. From the ACA and SUP TV

Choosing the Right SUP Board

Here's a good beginner's guide to choosing the right SUP Board from the ACA. Paddleboards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is important to choose the right SUP board to suit the type of paddling you would like to do. Produced byStandUpPaddlingTV in...

Tips for Race Directors starting a SUP race

victory at sea
In the past 6 weeks, there have been two examples of disastrous races. Races that barely escaped being headlines in the local paper. Races where paddlers could have been injured or killed. I can't call them out, but one was on the East coast and one...

Margo Pelligrino on her OC-1: How to flip back after a huli

Margo showed me how to flip back over with her home-brew and brilliantly effective method back when we paddled the Mulletkai. I'm getting pretty good at it. It's worth practicing.

Connor Baxter SUP Stroke Technique

From Blue Paddle Surf: Interview with Connor Baxter on SUP paddle length and stroke technique at the 2017 Starboard distributor meeting on Maui. I asked Connor about his new 2017 paddle design that I can't show yet. I can show the parts where he talked...

Werner Rip Stick Surf Specific SUP Paddle footage from Santa Cruz

This is a cool quick video of Jeramie Vaine and Fiona Wilde in Santa Cruz. That wave looks amazing! wernerpaddles.com/paddles/stand-up/sup-surfing The Rip Stick is the answer to what surfers want. More power from a smaller blade. Smaller blade size means a higher cadence for bursts of...

Leashes For River SUP

This is a great river Leash video from Nikki Gregg

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