How can a paddle race with 100 people have 3361 divisions? Let’s do the math

This mathematical exercise is based on a comment that suggested we as a sport adopt standard marathon age groups and recognize every division in each race We are going to take the Myrtle Beach Marathon which had 1805 participants in the full marathon as our model for age groups. We...

Trailblazers: It’s time to bring your own division

I've been around events for a long time and there seems to be a consistent theme. With 80,000 potential divisions, people end up paddling a craft, age group, and/or gender that sets them in their own category. Inevitably, they are left out of the awards...

Paddleboard Safety: Personal responsibility and it’s impact on others

At what point do our choices affect others? At what point does saying "personal responsibility" really mean we're not taking personal responsibility or responsibility for the other competitors or the race directors? In the past, most personal responsibility posts have been more on the back...

New safety considerations for paddleboard race directors

In the beginning of the sport and races, it was as if they handed everyone a machete, pointed at the jungle and said, "have at it." Things have changed. Every year we learn more, and find ways to make events safer and more enjoyable...

7 Registration and TIming Tips for Standup Paddleboard Race Directors

by Kim Hillhouse As a race director, it's nearly impossible to please everyone all the time… especially, when trying to stay within a budget that relies 100% on participation. Planning is HUGE Here are some suggestions for Race Directors: Set your categories early (and EXPLAIN them!) If you’re...

Celebrating under 17, over 50 paddlers and categories with less than 3 competitors

Results. Wow. Let me tell you about race results. From a race director's point of view, they often are the hardest part of running a race—especially when they are trying to tackle timing and results on their own. Putting race divisions into perspective Here are 12 common...

How to create a paddle destination race

Let people know why your area is a place paddlers want to visit It's the most basic question, but a good one. Is this located in a place that you'd visit without there being an event? Lake Tahoe? Heck yeah. Maui? Yep. But it doesn't have to be exotic....

Build your Big Race with Smaller Races & Events

We've been writing a lot lately about the state of SUP racing. It's at a tipping point, in part because there are and people just can't go to all of them. The Mullet posted a great article about that which you can read...

What is the future of SUP events?

what is the future of SUP events
One popular SUP event model has been to build a race, then add events until it becomes a festival—a destination. Meanwhile, in the outdoor sports and whitewater paddle and river worlds, they have festivals that are adding SUP events. How and when will these worlds...

Races are changing, here are some great tips for running and great race

At one point early on, races were actually about the podium. If you were in a sport with 10 people, you could expect a top 10 finish. Hardware was cool and plentiful. Then, it was finishing high in the age groups. It worked for BOP,...

3 tips to get the most out of race timing

Get the most out of race timing
by Colin Hackman from Go Time, Race timing Race timing is a big part of your race budget. It's also a huge part of the way people perceive your race. If the timing is handled efficiently and accurately, paddlers will walk away feeling like they...

Standup Paddle Races: Standardized Distances?

First, let's start with what's out there from the WPA and the PSUPA: From section 6A and 6B of the WPA Rule Book:  6. Race/Courses Defined a) Short Course – it is recommended that short course races should be conducted on a safe and manageable course free from...

How to create a succesful SUP race—Part 1: Building a Local Base

A successful long-term strategy for a sustainable, fun local race starts with a strong local paddler base. Here are a few tips and tools to help you start, build and/or bolster your local paddle community to create your race’s foundation and insure it’s an...

Chattajack31: What I learned about how to run a great race

Nothing can prepare you to run an event than going to other events and paying attention. Being a competitor will help you be a better race director. Every problem that you will face has been solved, somewhere, by someone else. Take note of the...
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