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Ryland Hart on Outrigger Zone’s Video: Kahele OC1 – A new day : by Hayden Ramler Designs

ryland hart
A new day : by Hayden Ramler Designs Ryland on Instagram Puakea Designs

Harrison Deisroth’s Summer Outrigger Journal: V1, V1, and More V1!

V1, V1, and More V1!
V1, V1, and More V1! As myself and a select few paddlers from the Ka Lahui Kai program prepare for our Tahiti paddling trip in June, we have been putting in multiple hours and many, many miles in V1 rudderless canoes. We are preparing to...

On the Water 2: Video for A Cold Winter’s Day

"It's more than just about going fast....it's that connection you get when you put your paddle in the water..." Exactly. This is a beautiful video from Makana Denton and Open Ocean Outrigger and SUP and it pretty much sum it up.  File this under Things We...

Kickstarter: Support “The Outrigger Film”

THE OUTRIGGER is a story about how people find meaning in their lives through a connection to the ocean, the power of sports and being part of a community, the Ohana. Lifetime athlete and narrator, John Skorstad shares his wisdom and thoughts on how the...

Jimmy Austin and Billy Balding surfing hurricane swell on Oahu’s South Shore Video

Here's a little more action from the hurricane surf swell on Oahu's South Shore with Jimmy Austin III / Billy Balding in the canoe, Cully Kamisugi on the SUP. #OceanPaddlerTV

Sternwheel Surfing on an Outrigger Canoe (OC-1) on the Columbia River in Cascade Locks, Oregon

Sternwheeler surfing at Cascade Locks, Oregon
We'd seen the videos. We checked the tour schedule for the Sternwheeler at Cascade Locks, Oregon and drove to Exit 44. We were only one of three cars fitted with canoes or surfskis so it appeared that we'd have the waves to ourselves. By...

2017 ECORA Outrigger Points Series Races Posted

Outrigger Racing Schedules
Outrigger Racing Schedules The East Coast Outrigger Racing Association (ECORA) has posted its complete race schedules for the 2017 point series season. You can view the schedules here: OC6 Schedule OC1-2 Schedule   For all the details on the point series, including rules, categories and eligibility, visit the ECORA...

Video: Cold Water OC1 Downwind Run

Maybe because it's French.  Maybe because the water is clearly frigid (how often do you see video of someone downwinding in an outrigger with a neoprene hood on?) Or maybe it's all the ama flying, but we are mesmerized by this classic European oc...

Video: Winter Down Wind in Virginia Beach from Steve Dullack

Steve Dullack and Peter Morgan scored some ideal conditions for one of their classic down wind runs in Virginia Beach. Along the coast. Southern edge of the Chesapeake bay. Ran west to east along the northern side of Virginia Beach.

OC-2 How-to: Installing a Rudder Video

OC2 paddlers, learn how to install your rudder with Jim Foti and Outrigger Zone! "Installing a rudder into a Tempest OC2 (outrigger canoe) is easy. Just follow Jim Foti's simple instructions. You will need a Hhilips screwdriver and the parts that come with your rudder...

Olivia Piana Outrigger Canoe Surf Anglet

Check out some moments of his first session with his new Woo Feline. Between beautiful colors and endless surf, don't forget that Olivia is an expert paddler, which allows her to surf with an outrigger canoe normally designed for the DownWind.

Outrigger Saturday: Feeling the Paddle…from a Unique Perspective

An Inspiring Outrigger Paddle Review We stumbled onto this amazing video by Hawaii filmmaker Ann Allen and OC paddler Vic Allen of Blindfaithmac.com in which Vic, who is blind, reviews the Kialoa Hoku Paddle. Vic's description of the feel of the paddle are amazing, and so...

Sternwheeler Surfing in Cascade Locks, Oregon on the Columbia River with Friends

VIDEO CREDIT: Posted by Steve Dullack, shot by Ryland Hart. After driving over 3000 miles from North Carolina to Hood River, Oregon in 3 days, I was able to not only find some water to wash off the dust, but I was able to find...

Outrigger Tuesday Video: SCORA Catalina Crossing

SCORA Catalina Crossing OC World Champs We are just weeks away from the Southern California Outrigger Canoe Racing Association's Catalina Crossing US World Championships - on Saturday, September 9, the women and co-ed teams will paddle 26 miles from Newport Harbor to Avalon on Catalina...

OC-4 Surfing in Raglan New Zealand point break from Clay Drummond Photography

OC-4 Clay Drummond
I'm drooling. Throw Clay a like and a follow on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/claydrummondphotography/

Made the Mullet :: Paolo Ameglio

Paolo Ameglio
Paolo has been punking me since the very first race we paddled out together and I couldn't appreciate him more. From alerting me to the fact that I was paddling with a recalled paddle to commenting on how nice my new paddle... just not...

Outrigger Thursday: Aloha Aito 2017 Video

Rudderless OC Racing on Kauai Watch history in the making as the island of Kauai hosts its very first rudderless V1 canoe race! Paddlers from all over the islands converged in Hanalei for a fun day of racing in their traditional canoes. Video by Keizo Gates,...

Downwinding with Danny Ching

An oldie but a goody! Danny Ching doing his thing with the 404 Outrigger Team on a Cabrillo Beach to Newport Beach Downwind run. Boy, does this look like fun!

Outrigger Canoes Surfing Waves (vol.1) video : A friggin’ hour of surfing Canoes

Outrigger Canoes Surfing Waves
Expect to lean back and forth to get out of the way. This is from 2013, but so good.

Molokai Solo 2017 footage of Mario Mausio

If you really want to see how the channel looked, the bumps and what it looks like to fly, check out this video by Mario Mausio.

Outrigger Wednesday: Training for the Molokai Hoe

Molokai Hoe Set for This Weekend This Sunday seeing the 65th running of one of the most storied outrigger races in Hawaii - the Molokai Hoe. Over 1,000 paddlers participate in this race across the Ka'iwi Channel to Oahu. In this video from M7M Video, Oahu's...

VIdeo: Recap of the Liberty Challenge in NYC

Can't get enough outrigger canoe action? We know we can't.  It's just what the doctor ordered on a cold January day! Watch the recap of the 2016 the Hawaiian Airlines New York Liberty Challenge. Hundreds of paddlers from near and far embarked from Pier 26 in...

An inside view of Hawaiki Nui Va’a 2016 from Red Bull Va’a paddler, Kekoa Kau

Hawaiki Nui Va'a is known as one of the most prestigious outrigger canoe races in the world. Racing takes place over three consecutive days and paddlers will race from Huahine to Raiatea (27 miles), Raiatea to Mo'orea (18 miles), and Mo'orea to Bora Bora...

Outrigger Canoe Video of the Day: Team Italo Vaa

Here's a little ama-drama to get the blood flowing! from Brazil!!

Outrigger Correspondent’s Notebook: Where in the World is Harry?

Harrison Deisroth on Relocating Back to Hawaii
Harrison Deisroth on Relocating Back to Hawaii Editor's Note: The Distressed Mullet's own outrigger correspondent is back in Hawaii, after his family returned to Oahu, following another assignment for his dad, who serves our country in the Army.  Bad news for us here in North...
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