The 2020 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis Nutrition Program with Victoria Burgess, PhD

2020 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis Nutrition Program with Victoria Burgess
The 2020 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis Nutrition Program with Victoria Burgess, PhD, CISSN certified Sports Nutritionist, includes: $80/month In-depth customization for nutrition based on current training plan for the 2020 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis Constant guidance in nutrition and supplementation to help increase performance...

Seychelle Paddle Monster Clinic Jan 20 in Melbourne FL

Seychelle Paddle Monster Clinic
Seychelle Paddle Clinic TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: Improve stroke efficiency for speed and endurance Discuss proper training, and recovery for paddlers. Racing tactics and strategies. Starts, drafting, finishing strong Buoy Turns Q & A – (nutrition, strength training, distance paddling, sprints, etc.) Come prepared to ask for...

Proper Sports Nutrition planning for Chattajack with Coach Victoria Burgess, PhD

Victoria has a Chattajack-specific sports nutrition program for those seeking to thrive and not just survive in this 31-mile paddle marathon. To learn more about working with Coach Victoria Burgess, PhD on your nutrition for Chattajack, go here To learn more about Coach Victoria Burgess, PhD,...

Surfski Event Calendar

surfski calendar
This is a preliminary Calendar of worldwide Surfski Events compiled by Teneale Hatton of Think Kayaks for Paddle Monster and Distressed Mullet. If you have any additions, let us know at [email protected] January 101 Surf Sports paddle race #2 – Redwood city – 21/1 Cockatoo Cup –...

Paddle Monster has gone multilingual

Translation is now available into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch, Japanese and German. Paddlers in those countries can train with Coach Larry Cain and be part of the worldwide paddle training community.

Paddle Monster launches tomorrow: Larry Cain discusses the forum

How do you make training personal? How do you create an environment where you can get a real sense of community, where you can learn from each other, can ask questions and get detailed answers. Others can benefit and learn from the questions that...

Why the Off-Season is still ON for Training

by Paddle Monster Paddle Strength Coach, Chris Chapman Race season has come to an end. The weather is turning for some of you and forcing you off of the water, while others change focus away from paddling as next season is in the distant horizon....

Zoom Session – Testing, Marker Workouts and Why You Want to Keep a Training Journal

A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Wednesday, November 18th at 3 PM EST Coach Larry Cain will be discussing the value of tracking your training and the tools that will help you achieve your goals. Join us, Wednesday, November 18th, at 3:00 PM...

Training For Spring Paddle Races: Spring Competitive and Spring Base Training Blocks Starts Next week with Paddle Monster

Spring Competitive Block on Paddle Monster
If you are competing in March, April, or May races, Larry Cain starts a new block of training this next week targeting that Spring peak. Join today if you want to prepare to compete or complete spring races like the Sharkbite Challenge, Carolina Cup,...

Zoom Session – Leave No Stone Unturned

A ZOOM discussion with Coach Larry Cain on Wednesday, January 27th at 3 PM EST Coach Larry Cain will be discussing the value of leaving no stone unturned when preparing to achieve your goals in paddling. This is available for all Paddle Monster All Access and...

Exercise of the week: Split Stance Landmine Row Demonstration from Paddle Monster

Section: Paddle Monster Strength & Power Purpose: Pulling Strength, Core strength/stability; Leg stability Transfer: This exercise requires you to control/stabilize your whole body in an offset position while pulling on a load. While the position is not exact, standing on a board and paddling is a similar...

Making the Most of the Last Four Weeks Before the Carolina Cup

Making the Most of the Last Four Weeks Before the Carolina Cup We’re 4 weeks out from one of the biggest events of the year – the Carolina Cup.  No matter which one of the three different races you’re entering, this is a challenging event...

Hey Southern Hemisphere – It’s Your Time to Shine!

Southern Hemisphere Paddlers - Join Paddle Monster today and try us out by getting your First Month Free! Learn more below! As the Northern Hemisphere paddling season comes to an end for all except the most diehard drysuit paddlers, which includes our own Coach Larry...

Reboot & Relearn 30-Day Guided Nutrition Challenge with Coach Victoria Burgess

This 30-day challenge will help you reboot and relearn healthy habits to incorporate into your every day life —$80 Per Person —Question/Challenge of the day —Open discussion board on the Paddle Monster Forum —Weekly post on that topic with additional info, studies, videos, etc. —Join anytime before January 15th...

Paddle Monster to launch Sports Nutrition Programs with Certified Sports Nutrition Coach Victoria Burgess

Certified sports nutritionist and world class stand up paddleboard competitor Victoria Burgess is joining the Paddle Monster team as its nutrition coach, starting February 1, 2019. Burgess has CISSN certification as a Sports Nutritionist and is pursuing a PhD in Health and Human Performance. “I’m...

Paddle Monster Becomes the Official Coaching Platform of The Paddle League

Paddle Monster And The Paddle League Paddle Monster, Inc. has teamed up with The Paddle League to be it’s official training platform, providing training and technique expertise for the 2018 season for all paddle levels from the novice paddler all the way up to the...

Canadian Press Profiles PaddleMonster’s Larry Cain

If you know anything about Larry Cain, none of this will surprise you.  The big take away, though, is this: he is learning all the time.  Never stop learning. From The Canadian Press Larry Cain never put his paddle down, even after a successful Olympic career. The...

Paddle Monster Strength Training is Live

This is a big week at Paddle Monster. First and foremost, they have now posted the strength plans, video demonstrations of each exercise in the video library and video walkthroughs on how to read, use, and discuss the plans with Strength and Conditioning Coach Chris...

SUP 11 City Tour 14 week Training Program with Coach Seychelle on Paddle Monster

Starts June 3rd. Cost $240 one time fee Includes: 14 week training program written by Coach Seychelle - 3 X Grand Champion of the SUP 11 City Tour Designed specifically to prepare you for the 220km ultimate SUP challenge. This is a unique event that will challenge even...

Testing: Assessing the effectiveness of your training and monitoring progress

Testing One of the most valuable ways to assess the effectiveness of your training and monitor your personal progress is through regular, periodic testing.  Let’s take a look at testing in greater detail – what it is, why you should do it, what you should...

Video: Paddling Home Waters With Larry Cain

Larry Cain on his home paddle turf Videographer and drone pilot Kenneth Chapman captured Paddle Monster Coach Larry Cain on his home waters in Oakville,  Ontario, Canada and the result is pretty awesome. Take a look.  But be careful, you just might want to plan a paddle...

Paddle Monster Training Platform Forum Launch

Paddle Monster forum in available to All Access and Basic Members on mobile (IOS and Android) and on the web at and has active discussions ranging from maximizing your catch to gear to events and is moderated by our coaches at

Nervous System Fatigue: A Q/A with Coach Larry Cain

Paddle Monster Nervous System
This is an example of the discussions taking place daily on the Paddle Monster Forums, available to all access and basic members: QUESTION: Larry, I am not too familiar with nervous system fatigue and what feels like. I’m sure I have felt it but how is...

Connor Baxter takes victory in a spectacular Sprint Final

Photo by John Carter / APP World Tour When looking at Connor Baxter's incredible career, it is hard not to notice that his form through the 2019 season hasn't been what we have come to expect from the multiple times World Champion. However, watching him...

Paddle Monster’s Sports Nutrition Coach Launches Race-Specific Coaching

Victoria Burgess Sports Nutrition
Coach Victoria Burgess has just launched 1, 2, 3, and 4 month Nutrition Plans to help you prepare for your A races. Initial consult, including goals, macros, event planning, etc. Nutrition plan to match your physical training programming up to race day Pre race nutrition...
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